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Birth date:Too far back in time, However I am 65,983,602,891 years old (estimate)
Species:Crystallivaen (Cri-sta-lee-an)
Origin: Tanto,Tanterram
Language:English & Can't find any characters but roughly translates to Uninlise
Current location: 3rd dimension, 5th reality, 3rd ultraverse 6th multiverse, 1st universe, wherever I feel I am.
Self-quoted-quote: "When the hammer drops, I shall catch it. When the sun explodes, I will block it. When Death comes, I will welcome her. Dying gives us all perspective on life."
Quote-chosen-by-separate-person: "The game is a metaphor for life. You can never win, and if you think about life, you're a philosopher and therefore fail at life."
Person of the Millennium award: Viven, manipulating the fates of millions since 14 C.E.
Number of lives: 22,593-25,854.
Tarkans Erendos Alimen Lorkicix
  • Real Name
    Tilo Tantori Tanterram
  • Gender
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I just remembered this exists and am showing my sister this hilariously long running comment thread. I was honored to be a part of it at some point, and I wish any and all who keep coming back god speed and good tidings.
It never ends, it just keeps growing, how, why?
This comment string is probably the longest ever to exist on this website. I am beyond impress.
>Check for traps and become immediately bewildered with the first part of the tutorial.
>Check for traps and Ask about Fighting, defense comes first (that's reasoning and not a subject to start with by the way).
@Djoing: Still think she should have won. I was rooting for her the whole way through, there was no reason for that other person to win, except that she had two eyes.
Such prejudice.
I can't even begin to explain how wrong this is...
>Check for traps and examine the floating thing (And hope to whatever necromantic figure you worship that it doesn't start telling you to collect rings)
Quick Steve, hit its weakpo...I'm not finishing that.
Y'know, this page could be re-posted nearly infinitely and the whole thing would still make sense.....
Dang, It's almost been a year since this comic entered its coma.

I'm starting to miss it more.
Latine loqui possum, posse, cum deum si quis daret mihi renuntiaveris ego autem aequatio quadratica natantes in stagnum ignis.

EXAUDIO virgam meam aut moriere dolor!

Et mea elit furta odore terribilis ac odi te sine licentia.
Welp, you heard the wisp
I command all ten of you to ask a question now.

If I keep rambling, I'm gonna' say something I'm not allowed to say and I'll be attacked again.

Да друга. То есть чужой
pssst, kirbystar, there's an edit button on the comment.
You could have simply edited your comment to include the message that sounded less like "FIRST!".
>Fight valiantly to the last breath, killing as many of them as you can with your clear disadvantage, and, should you become surrounded with no possibility for victory, stab yourself in the heart to avoid dishonorable capture.
>Crawl into the next room and shut the door.