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just a guy from argentina who usually comes with some ideas for comics and music. but not really invested in taking it too seriously

... yeah, and I like listening to frank zappa
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    saint valentine
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@bunnyrabbitsaga: hey thanks for expressing your interest in the serie it`s really apreciated :)
comic prelude
hello person,this comic you`re reading is the end culmination of fever dream, which itself was a remade version of a comic I made like 2 years ago, and since I always seem to get interested in this story and adding more stuff to it, I ended up through freetime, and holiday trips, creating a whole universe of what this story could be, obviously this is all theoretical since ideas don`t really matter what only matters is the workforce you put into them.
which is exactly what I`m doing right here, so if you seem to enjoy this as you read it, you can always subscribe, or share it or comment your thoughts, anything that might help this idea get infected through the internet.
edit: deleted the introduction because I thought it might be boring for some people since, you know in todays world we more often than not don`t put ourselves in others people shoes, and some might get bored reading an intro asking for support.