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Oh hey there how's it going. I can't wait to show you guys my new webcomic.
Very nice fire sprite.
Honestly I'm betting someone found the key in the time they were talking,
I need a monster to clobber Kirby. Because that always works doesn't it.
Ah sonic the hedgehog. A character I enjoy only ironically.
Oh god. That was the wrong location dammit.
How did they get to green hill zone? It's on a different planet?
*silently hopes that they run into past kirby*
Time travel. Ooooohhhh...
Comic making advice: put the speech bubble of who you want to speak first to the left because people read from left to right. But I spelled advice wrong before I went back and checked it so taking my advice might be a stupid idea.
Prehaps that's the invention he was just given. A "smell things" spray.
Well that's mean.
This is gonna be a running gag, isn't it?
Or my ab beating up waddle Dee.
Not gonna criticize this strip since being tired is understandable.
Wait... The other yellow puff wasn't keeby?
I'm honestly not sure how any of this happened but I'll go along with it.
Kirby! Don't be a jerk! Your job is to save popstar from numerous evils, most of which really shouldn't be appearing in a kids game about a pink puffball.