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Oh hey there how's it going. I can't wait to show you guys my new webcomic.
Oh no, a red Dark Nebula! We're all so scared of his complete pushover set of attacks.

I'm kidding. I'm sure Anomaly Matter is much scarier and better than that disaster of a Final Boss.
For a moment I thought that was Kirby's doing and he was actually a Dusk in disguise.
Ooohhhh... that's why their feet were orange and blue. Clever.
It's gathering power.
Gonna be very, very honest here. Everything involving the pyramid and the haltmann stuff is just super off with how blatant it is.
Okay, now I'm confused here.

In the most recent comics we got a bag of exploding hearts, not the love love stick.
He's the drive. They were in a minecart.

Frikken god.


Just getting that now.
@Muix: I know I'm late (actually, I'm rereading the comic) but can I increase the chance by another 100? Because given that Marx is one of the most well known bosses in the series (because if that splitting scream)...
@CapedLuigisYoshi: I come from the future. Where Not only adeline has been revealed, but Ribbon as well.
Not in this game, no. But Waiu will get to shine again soon. I come to you from the future of the future ypu come from!
Games are coming out faster than you can comic so you get to make call forwards.
Unless it is.
The answer: yes. Really, this isn't the first time kirby has been assulted by a barrage of missles.

I don't know what happened and I'm not wntirely sure my sanity would hold up if I did.
Fine, I'll bite. (Even though I almost certainly know what's coming)
Honestly I'm betting someone found the key in the time they were talking,
I need a monster to clobber Kirby. Because that always works doesn't it.