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Oh hey there how's it going. I can't wait to show you guys my new webcomic.
Unless it is.
The answer: yes. Really, this isn't the first time kirby has been assulted by a barrage of missles.

I don't know what happened and I'm not wntirely sure my sanity would hold up if I did.
Fine, I'll bite. (Even though I almost certainly know what's coming)
Anyone who doesn't wosh for bandanna waddle dee is a fool!
Very nice fire sprite.
Honestly I'm betting someone found the key in the time they were talking,
I need a monster to clobber Kirby. Because that always works doesn't it.
Ah sonic the hedgehog. A character I enjoy only ironically.
Oh god. That was the wrong location dammit.
How did they get to green hill zone? It's on a different planet?
*silently hopes that they run into past kirby*
Time travel. Ooooohhhh...
Comic making advice: put the speech bubble of who you want to speak first to the left because people read from left to right. But I spelled advice wrong before I went back and checked it so taking my advice might be a stupid idea.
Prehaps that's the invention he was just given. A "smell things" spray.
Well that's mean.