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I like animals, memes and watching anime, especially My Hero Academia, my current favorite.
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This was hilarious! I was laughing throughout the comic, beginning to end.
"They paused to tell the leader to piss off"- this is comedy gold right here! XD
Huh. Guess the scarf really was useful.
Let me guess, the scarf will save her?
At least the goblin wolves seem to have some sense.
I love their colors! X)
I love the foxes' reactions, they're great!
Love that Bert's sticking his tongue out XD
Bert. Stop.
I feel like he's gonna get them killed or something .x.
No Name???
I just noticed that neither leader or his wife were ever named XD
His tiny hat gives me life!
Lawl! "Random suffering local!"
Bert's great
Love how obvious he is!
No main character ever really trips in these types of comics XD
I can already tell that I'm going to like this comic X)
Poor bby, Ronja, all this happening to her in such a short time is really taking it's toll. :(
On the other hand, it's so good to see all the girls together and happy! Tbh, I've been waiting for Alva and Fremja to stand next to someone so I could look at their heights. Also, doesn't it seem weird to anyone else to see Jonna happy again after all the time?
September 16th, 2017
Don't die, man...
I know he won't, but I still worry.
However, since it'll be a while before Rogio can start moving again, that does mean that he'll be less likely to have to deal with Ranach and that Ronja can have a bit of time to relax after everything that just happened.
EDIT: Congrats on 300 pages, Kique!
September 16th, 2017
Poor Rhov...
It must be so hard for him to spend so much time with someone who looks like his dead friend :(
I love those deer things, though, the little hop and their antler things are so adorable X)
I hope that this new tribe doesn't try to hurt Keirr or Aira, but I think they probably will. :/
July 22nd, 2017
Ronja time!
The beans will be spilled and I can't wait to see Roamer's response. Also, I wonder if Kargo and Ferah will recognize Axi and the others.
July 19th, 2017
Look at Ferah!
She's waving her tail! That's so cute! :3
Edit: Looking at the map, I can see that the guild is almost upon them.