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According to others I'm smart even though I personally think I'm an irrelevant idiot? I like logical thing like sience , chess (1650 is my rating ) and computers but have an very high respect and appreciation for art (particularly in game form since it combinds allot of my interests) . There now you basically know me ?? (feel free to challenge me to a chess game on something like ?)
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    Tinus Prinsloo
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Mixed feelings
@NomnomNami: It's awesome that we get to see this awesome story in a game setting but the comic format is also kind of nice so im conflicted about chapter 5 not being in the same format but i trust you of all people to tell an awesome story in the best way possible 😁❤️ Also this is like a nicer version of one punch man I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for making this
Insperation from little wich acedemia
This seem odly familiar (maybe from a wild acco that shiny roded the shit out of a gaint deagon thing that gets stronger when you hurt it)
It's weird to see toffee so suspicious after in all the games they usually act so confident (also maybe malicious) 😂