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gotta get rid of the evidence
oh hey
its the titanic all over again
September 27th, 2017
you perv
as if it didn't already
@Silver the Eevee: crap he went full idiot but ur still handcuffed ha
oh i see now thanx
@Silver the Eevee: hes not cooperation
why will leon pass out
@Silver the Eevee: dear god. lock him up.
"Evoli Pinkeevee222 already heard there are rumors about a new eevee development in ultra sun and moon" I think that was confirmed fake idk | Ich denke, das wurde gefälscht bestätigt, ich bin mir nicht sicher.
i dont see it
@Silver the Eevee: backup is here whats wrong
the plot thickens
oh no
not the coat-tail. anything but that!!1
@eevee_op: you must have faith
Yeah rubber tell those bugs who's bo-oh...
@Skylar101: That didn't help at all ;-;
well thats not good
oh yes
he protec

but he also attac