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especially if they have elephant noses
Rest in Pieces, Cat. Gone but not forgotten.

"You don't have the guts."
September 29th, 2019
let the entitled children s u f f e r
chatot, you cant fail them, they have plot armor!
things certainly took a turn
the absolute smugness on Milo's face in the last panel is beautiful
clever, very clever
welcome back to pmd stories
now in colorama 2.0!

also thanks I've been needing to get my fix of kalvin
@cat mastermv: i see dead people...
for someone who says they'll never get used to death, you sure seem nonchalant about the current situation, kalvin.
thats not creepy at all
that's suspicious
inb4 he roofies kalvin

so, who to ask first? hmmmmmmmm. Well, the obvious answer would have to be Genesis (as a fellow Bree...heh...)

Hey Genesis,

I am going to hug every single 'mon here, and nobody can stop me. So, naturally, I'll start with you.

*hugs Genesis*
dun dun duuuuuuun
this absol is sketchy, I don't like 'em...

why are you so fricking cute?????? (excuse my language pls)
To Kalvin
as a secret between you and me-

umbreon is the best eeveelution.

but it does require friendship...

hey Kalvin wanna be friends
Dammit Luna you weren't supposed to friend zone the floppy eared bean