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September 27th, 2017
you perv
as if it didn't already
@Silver the Eevee: crap he went full idiot but ur still handcuffed ha
oh i see now thanx
@Silver the Eevee: hes not cooperation
why will leon pass out
@Silver the Eevee: dear god. lock him up.
"Evoli Pinkeevee222 already heard there are rumors about a new eevee development in ultra sun and moon" I think that was confirmed fake idk | Ich denke, das wurde gefälscht bestätigt, ich bin mir nicht sicher.
i dont see it
@Silver the Eevee: backup is here whats wrong
the plot thickens
oh no
not the coat-tail. anything but that!!1
@eevee_op: you must have faith
Yeah rubber tell those bugs who's bo-oh...
@Skylar101: That didn't help at all ;-;
well thats not good
oh yes
he protec

but he also attac
Woo, I caught up, and I'd like to say...


The sense of humor in this comic shows that it's more on the comedy side than the slightly more common 'serious' take.

It's honestly quite relieving, having a more fun comic than having the brutal reality of 'if the heroes don't do something, then everything's doomed' constantly pushed against you.

Though, I'd like to see this comic take a sudden and unpredicted turn (and by that, I mean a sudden turn of style - from lighthearted and fun to serious and dark), but I'll let you guys do what you guys do. After all, I've got three other comics to satisfy that.
@ZanarNaryon: it's only the 13th page and someone's already died.

That's a new record I think.