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Good job and fantastic work so far!
You know.... there's always something appealing about characters who think with thier stomach. Maybe it's just one of the most relatable motivations.
Though his reaction with aura seems to suggest something from ultra-space come to think of it.
Place your bets on which giant pokemon is coming their way! My money is on a Steelix.
Pfffft hahahahahahaha!!! I can't lie, panel 2 here is the pinnacle of funny in this comic so far!
Wooo! Congratulations on the milestone! The amount of time and effort spent on this comic shows through clearly and I can't thank you enough for it. Here's to another sinfully delightful year! Rest assured, I'll be there for the start.
Everyone else has already said this, but darn it all if Jasper isn't the coolest looking sableye I've seen.

Ps. Oh and the first panel is something else too!
A pokemon foodie adventure? Now that sounds like prime writing material!
Greetings and welcome to smackjeeves!
I like the shingles.
Goodness you are on fire with all these references!
Thanks for coming guys, great party! I dont want any leftovers though so it'd be super nice if take some for yourselves. Thanks!
Happy new year to you too!
Quick question
I'm not very well versed in the criteria for the different categories, what does best OTHER adventure mean?
I was browsing the nuzlocke forums and saw that your comic had a lot of nominations. Caught my interest so I decided to look it up. Consider me hooked with eager anticipation!
Congratulations on the nominations! You've certainly earned them!
Aww yeah! Awesome page!
Oh! I just remembered the Devon employee! That's my prediction!