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Haha! The texture on the background wall make it look like one of the hearts is bouncing off the Commander's face.
I second that notion purely on the basis that it's funny!
Heading home to Florida soon so I'll get the nice parts without the soggy ones!
The "Divine Five." That is so awesome!
Like a switch being thrown, he just turns the tantrum off. He looks kinda machine-like in the first panel, as if he's processing her response.
Unown, ahhh I love it!
Fun Comic
Have another fav!
September 15th, 2018
Cool filler!
I remember on a few vacations to Puerto Rico going swimming in small areas of bioluminescent bacteria. It's super cool since they light up only when disturbed by movement.
Hahahahahaha! Inga might be my favorite character of the side stories!
That doesn't seem to be a very healthy shade of green he's turning.
Pffft, hahaha! 2nd panel just kills me!
All caught up
And completely in love! Have another fav!
This demon reminds me of the spies from Spy Vs. Spy.
Yeesh, this getting worse by the second! Makes me wonder how Paollo fits into all of this. Perhaps some force is slowly twisting the Feyn to need more creativity to live? They seem very emotional creatures, and desperation likely brings out the worst in them. That or I'm reading too much into this and Douglas is just too inexperianced and rude to properly work with Odette.
Them's fightin' words!
You know, this whole time I never considered the rival. Gonna be interesting to see how he plays out.
I'm sold!
Hook, line, and sinker. Have another fav!
Ummm, rude much?
It's times like this that I'm reminded of a certain scene in Monsters Inc. The moment when Randall surpasses Sully as scare leader only to be massively outdone 20 seconds later.