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Every one of these panels is just so gorgeous!
I like this character!
Onward to even greater adventures!!
When in doubt, blow something up!
Gives new meaning to the phrase "burning bridges."
@Aozora210: It certainly does, thank you!
I'm afraid I've never heard of the pinwheel clause before. Could you explain it?
"Look at Goji, now back to me. I've rescued him faster than you could react! Anything is possible when you're up against a Majestan guard wearing Old Spice!"
I want to make an Old Spice joke about how fast he got Goji back but I'm having trouble working it in a way that isn't confusing.
It's good to see Stewie and Patches on better terms.
I'm a bit curious as to why the Djinn is no longer aggressive towards them. Something about Somnus stabilizing its form? Maybe it's because they aren't in thier dreamer forms?
I'm freaking out over the wurmple!!
I'mma go with option 4
2 as well, and heck yeah I'd be interested in a ranger comic! Diversification for the win!
Awesome look for the attacks! Cool detail as well, adding in the leftover dribble from the water gun.
Haha! Fair enough, but I do have fond memories of his scenes. Him opening his mouth was the first memorable Zelda scene I ever saw, and the story of the goddesses left a huge impression on me.
I think I'd like to see option one, but considering the typings involved I'd expect option four.
@Guest: Thanks!!
There's a joke I want to make about the beta still being in the beta testing phase, but I'm drawing nothing but blanks. Someone fill in for me while I sleep!