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Finally caught up, and immediately favoriting!
You keep on world-building which makes me love the comic even more!
Can I just say that I love this concept with a passion!?
Lordy this has to be my favorite page so far! XD I don't even need to finish my archive binge to know that this comic is going straight into my favorites list when I'm done!
If these are the kinds of shenanigans cats with time powers get into then I can't help but wonder how many situations like this happen without anyone noticing each day.
In other words: Time travel is Fun!
Woo! Super excited for chapter 2!
Jackie in panel two reminds me of Mordecai from the web comic Lackadaisy.
I love how what you did in panel three connecting the boys speech bubble to the first panel. That's one of my favorite things from Sonic the Hedgehog comics.
Love the art!
The trees were made of wax the whole time!
Now now Mr. Bone, if you keep on being genre savvy and going whichever way the objective ISN'T, then before you know it you'll be so bogged down with side quests that you'll never get around to finishing the main story.
That was easy.
Awesome awesome awesome! I know I'd like to see the epilogue, and I'm super stoked to see more from you! The comic's quality has been really good and I love the additional story elements you've thought to include. Have a wonderful day.
Sure, teach em' a 'lesson' from the 'skeleton'.
Flash that bling John!
I love all of the extra thought put into this! Makes it feel like a professional continuation even if this is the only entry.
@Matt7548: Bah! you're totally right. How'd I mess up that one?
The silhouette on the left makes me think Stantler, the one on the right... I got nothing.
Such a happy face!