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"This thing's loaded!" XD
I always loved it when Winston wanted a rematch! Every time I saw the rematch symbol on my old copy of Ruby there'd be dollar sign in my eyes!
Ooooo, Thunderbird!
Nice Comic!
Been seeing this in the spotlight for a while but only decided to check it out now, at 3 am… Oh well! I really like the look of this and am very curious as to what lies ahead so have another fav!
And what a lovely shade of purple it is.
Cool patterns on the bird!
Wooo! First dungeon, super excited, let's do this!
Panel six just plain got me!!! XD
There really is no better fallback.
Nice effect on the eye!
Holy shinx? Hahahahaha! That's the best thing I've heard all day!
It's nice to see Koko getting so excited.
Now that is a very good point! I hadn't considered that.
Payment up front? Sounds fishy for an appraisal.
Ooo... sick burn!
Or there is a genuinely good reason for this decision.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you intended for the Slowking to say "some place more SIGHTLY" as opposed to sLightly.
Enter hero!