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Since watching the new Ducktales reboot I can't help but hear Gurdurr with Launchpad's voice.
Snrrk! That's a good one.
Oh yeah, Forest Curse, easy to forget that move exists.
... did he just rip his own jaw off?
Sounds an awful lot like Luigi's quest to save Princess Eclair from the evil Chestnut king by following the Marvelous Compass.
Hahaha! What a great way to end the page!
Numpty, noun. "A stupid or ineffectual person"
Huh.. learn a new word every day.
Sweet comic!
I thought I'd already added this to my favorites list awhile ago but it seems I forgot to. No time like the present to fix that!
Spawning right at the stairs.
Gotta love it when that happens!
"Help me Barkley, you're my only hope."
Initiate ominous Latin chanting choir as per dark souls/Bloodborne tradition.
Catch-up in one night. Check
Add to favorites list. Check
Praise author for amazing comic. Freshly checked
Agonize over there being no next button to press. Getting started.
I love how you captured him tossing his blade between paws in the first panel!
Just for fun, I'd like to make an educated guess as to the identity of these voices. Based on the information available at this time, my money is on Victini and Reshiram. Only time will tell if I'm right.
Haha! These are great! Keep up the awesome work!
Well this is certainly interesting. Consider me hooked!
Bingo Nite?
I wonder what the prizes on offer are?
Well played! XD