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Hahahaha! I think the last panel on this page is my favorite one so far!
Is this our first look into into a possible antagonist I wonder?
I can't help but find that a page in which someone faints is incapable of being boring.
I think Jolt is my favorite among the brothers. He's just always so positive!
And so the battle ends. Fantastic work on your end!
@dmr11: Maybe a lost kingdom?
What marvelous sound effects!
I just skimmed some of these pages again and I've noticed that she's had that cough for a while now. I'm starting to feel concerned.
Are you telling me that in some small way, Bird Jesus from Twitch plays pokemon was as actually canon?
Unfortunately quite efficient at working together when children/food is involved.
Hahahahaha! I swear this gets funnier with every new page!
Falco seems very determined to open one by himself.
Looks like Muro has gone full vegetable.
Hmmm, is the spaceman perhaps doing this? Prolonging her performance each time?
Who throws away a perfectly good hatchet?
I am soooooo happy to find such an awesome comic! Allow me to give you another fav, and if the "fans" counter is to be believed, your 500th one!
Okay! This is getting more intriguing with each passing moment!
So now you must sing? Dance? Come on give me a hint here I'm grasping at straws!