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More pleaseee
I just found about this comic and I LOVE IT ❤️ I appreciate your hard work in both the plot and the art. I know I'm being selfish, but I want to keep reading it .... but I can't buy it because I'm broke af 😭😭. But what if you were to upload the comic on Tapas or on Line Webtoons? I'm not sure how it really works but on Webtoons the authors get support from it. Again, I'm sorry but I'm not really sure how it works, I just know that it's done that way, but there are some 'premium' comics on Tapas where the reader can either pay or watch ads to get coins and then when the reader has enough coins they can unlock the next episode or chapter of that comic. Depending on the author each episode can cost a different amount of coins. I hope you upload your comic on either or both of these apps. Either way thank you for the awesome comic 💖😆😁