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I am a soldier in the United States Army who enjoys a good story. I am proficient with both digital and traditional mediums, and write fairly well dependent upon the genre.
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Yes, it is another update...What a rare and exotic species this is!
Sorry for the lack of updates...I have been busy with graduation. This is a long time coming, but it is finally done. I hope it is following the script ok.
OMG! An update!?

This was done in corel painter essentials.
This appears to be a very professional looking page.

My Kitten, Olivia, says hello.
Poor Bug Catcher.

This page took forever, but I like the way it came out, I still hate the pants though, the folds ticked me off to no end.

My favorite part was the blood!
I finished this page really quickly. When I finished it, I literally passed out on the keyboard. The page did not use the smudge tool AT ALL! I took the readers advice, and it is complicated stuff.

Geodude would bounce off...Hans is a hard head!
I might jump in and update later tonight, because we need to get this comic going!
not my fav, but it will do
I am sorry for the lack of updates. School drama is getting to me. I will have another update for tommorrow, and possibly a contest. I know the nincada looks retarded, I had no reference in drawing it, so please be nice to it.
i have a tablet, but i use ALL different mediums...
*Runs to his thinking chair* I will enter...AND WIN!!!! <--- Getting himself pumped.

I hope that I can do everyone's character justice in my pice, and I will be glad to draw the winner a picture.
*runs to make full body reference for thee*
Sorry for the lame action. I also screwed the order of the panels. Read the top two, then the right two then the left two, kind of like manga. I was sooooo tired when I finished this page, so now I am going to go drink koolaid and watch Shrek 3.
I love the way you drew the characters. The background is pretteh.
It actually didn't take that long to complete.

I spent three hours off and on on it over the course of a day, and still had time to take two naps.
Sweet Action
I found my tablet... under teh bed. So I decided to go with a realistic approach to my pages, and I really like how it came out. I now would like to do all of my pages like this.

While I await for the next update roll-around, I will design your characters in my style as a reference and post them on DeviantArt.
le gasp
*runs to work on page*

May take few days... i can't find my tablet <.<
Funneh page.

Anyone can use my character as long as they keep in mind that he loves berries and fluffy things. But do not use him until I myself introduce him onto the island.
Another update~

I like how this page turned out... it makes me happy!
I choose...... 2!!!