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Imao i just read gay stuff i can't help it <3
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    no plz bae, im yaoi trash
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awww the babies grown so fast XD
i really like the realistic sense you have haha, this is how so many comics and mangas should be ahaha <3

oh! late Merry Christmas <3
little guest
@Guest: wow this just became the only wired comment on the page. It's fine if you think like that but the rude thing is that lovely author senpai doesn't deserve people acting like you, the comments are independent from her and also from you and me and she can't control what readers say, so i think you must watch how you talk to people and their fans.
also you read the comments by yourself, if you don't like them, theeen just don't scroll down here XD and keep reading only the comic .
Holy shit, omg finally XD
didn't expect this page to have any butts already aaaaaaaaa
@Lucid thank you so much for really care about this situations, after all it's you precious work and there's no need to keep people who is just making a wired atmosphere talking about their personal issues... specially THAT issues.
Thanks again <3 hope you have a nice day, keep working hard on those babes gurl ; v ;
gannet looks so cute here omfg <3
you did so goood on this page and the transparency on bailey's body is a really cool gift of the nature XD thanks god, bless this sinner hands <3
@Lucid Ahhh im really thankful for this, i think it wasn't just me but almost all people here who feel this way, im not here to judge people but she has been doing this gross and stupid comments around almost all comics i read, she's everywhere omfg! i swear that's true! i really wanted to say something directly, but thank you so much for appear and trace this line..
We really support you and hope this is not happening again. ;// c //;
Omfg (i just did this account to say this) lucid i have been reading ur comic since Bailey almost kissed Gannet while sleeping in chapter 1 and ohhh myyyy your art style changed and oh my looks so precious <333
love your comic and ily too ;// o //;