Yo, I'm Keaide Mui Age: I'm 24 i guess Height: ...uhm...i don't wna tell people my Height but I'm 4'11ft... Weight: ...hell no am I telling you my weight so tough luck >:P Gender: wait what?!?! i thought you knew i was a girl Nationality: well I'm proud to say I'm 100% Chinese but alot of people think I'm Hawaiian cause i lived in hawaii odd right?? lol Measurement: ...uhm do I have to say my measurement cause i don't wna i mean it's embarrassing to say it... uhm...hey if you have any question about me just ask don't be shy about it kay and thanks for following me if you are ^-^ and i will be updating my comic Monday thur Friday from here on out.
mahalo nui loa no kou kokuaia mai a
oh and you can also get to me on my twitter account or my tumblr if you have question or fan art you wna sent :)
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@couldntremembermyaccwhoops: Well I do want to get da computer program for it as I'm trying to raise money for it. I can't afford to get one as its hard to find a job here where I'm at.
this is a lil special first page look only available on my patreon where it takes place 2 years from da main story it have up to 6 pages so far and many more will come its a 20 pages special.
someone from my other webcomic ask me to draw a pic of them in bed o.O it was to embarrassing to draw this but i did it
ok so someone from my webtoon asked me to draw Tristian in Rory outfit n this what i got lol
Haha sorry but Misa let herself in your house Cass.
Ok so i tried to draw on da computer again and its too hard for me to draw with a mouse... I really need a drawing pad soo badly... so please support me on patreon so i can get a drawing pad so i can update all my manga pages to nt being a paper lol Thank you for da supports guys
They soo cute XD Tristian don't wna lose XP
Alright its time for some Q&A!! if you have any question about da character or me the author just comment below or on my twitter account xD
link: ---------
Alright here is da picture of a doggy pile of everyone, hope you like it ^o^/)
Hahahaha I like that a lot xD we need a tall person now to break that gathering of short people
I will draw a doggy pile tonight k @benshinalien
And @the.original.marshmallow tbh idk or at least i dnt understand since my brain is da size of a pea lol and thank you
Oh darn I will fix that up k sorry Dx
HAhahahah i can soo see that XD
Cass thought made me laugh tho when i wrote it lol "oh we got a short one finally!!" HAHAHA!!
i accidentally drew Cass and Misa a lil too tall lol my bad
aaahhh >o< its not fair why is Misa the shortest?? maybe thats cuz shes asian??
awesome xD i can't wait to see it now >*<
hahaha irl im still waiting to b 5 ft like Misa XD