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@LittleLynn84: whoops, terrible with names (I should be better, considering I've had two). I meant Drew
I had really hoped that Gavin would have learned. Seems he hasn't (yet, at least)
@TranshumanAr: Women can also be drag queens.
My same thought
@DalekBeifong: Odd how low that bar can be some times. And odd how often people like to limbo
@Fastgirl01: Well, then make sure you don't pour pig's blood on a girl with supernatural powers. That's about all I know about prom.
@indi: not sure if they're the same size. Ky and Rudy, though, I think have been established as at least close enough. Maybe not.
@Enae: I was more of thinking of telekinesis.
@TranshumanAr: And the winner for this year's prom queen... Moonlight?
Bloodshed at prom over prom queen? Please tell me no supernatural powers were involved.
Is oscar drunk?
What is your name? Bandana girl
What is your quest? To find the tuna sandwich
What is your favorite color? Submissive Lavender
Happy(?) TDoR
Channel has probably known for sure for only a few seconds.
I mean, it's better than a family friend dying of a terminal illness when you're 5 and visiting her every week until she died...
Or your PE teacher committing suicide when you're in 1st grade...
Or your piano teacher dying of cancer when you're in 3rd grade...
All before you've had a significant animal die...
Not like that'll screw up your view of death or anything...
Similar thing in the states, and occasionally it's also good for voting (though not always, yay disenfranchisement).
Didn't she get something saying she could legally be in the women's locker room?
October 16th, 2018
Wait, when did Annie get a dog?

Also, don't blame America for your roommate's inability to make KD. We have enough other crap that we actually are responsible for that we can't deal with making sure that everyone can cook the simplest of things in a pot.
Werther's a bitch.