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Wait a second. Isn't Rudy the only one of the group (at St. Halvard) that wasn't able to go to prom? What if Colette is a closeted trans man and Rudy is really affirming and so he asks him to prom and either they both show up in tuxes or maybe Ruby in a dress and Colette (or whatever he goes by) in a tux.
@Pyro: Yeah I could totally see Mrs. Parker hearing about what happened and be like:
"Did I see any students after school yesterday? I'm sure I did, I don't really remember who, though. ... A what? Oh, I think I saw an impromptu sandbag wall on my way home. The rain was pretty heavy. ... Oh Maria? You shouldn't call her names like that Father Quinton."
Was Erica just eavesdropping the whole time?

Also, how do you keep up with a comic every day and get so far ahead of yourself? I'm struggling to get out a fourth page.
Please be right, Gavin.
Dr. Bernt didn't even notice him. That's really not good.
Is it just me, or is the public school starting to seem like they might get a large influx of students and maybe a new art teacher?
April 10th, 2018
So here we are, finally breaking free of the basic story. Also, it may be late, but this is my first posting on back-to-back Tuesdays, so maybe this will actually be a thing,
Yes, the psychiatrist is remarkably pale. I almost though you might be foreshadowing that the psychiatrist has inner issues that aren't being resolved.
Frame 6 - "thought, even"
No issue with vodka, but potatoes having decently high potassium levels makes them potentially lethal to someone on a potassium sparing diuretic (like Spiro). I almost killed myself (accidentally) that way in January and may have started down that track at least once (intentionally) since.
I'm just hoping now that Annie doesn't try binging potatoes and bananas as a suicide attempt. Don't have meds to directly kill you? Try dying of a side effect of one you are on. (Also, not sure if I had the flu a while back or just had too much potassium)
Still in the basic exposition, though it should start to depart from the classic story with the next page.
"When you called they names"?
Notes being taken all around.
@GreenKrog: Did you get my message?
@GreenKrog: Damn. You keep seeing Dr. Smirnoff then.
@GreenKrog: I'm fine with medicine being medicine, but don't avoid dealing with issues. They only grow.
Half the school drops out out of protest. Specifically all of the girls that Todd harassed plus Rudy. Following this, any of the male students that were uncomfortable with Todd's actions (either against the girls or Rudy) walk out too. Father Quinten is forced to recognize that the problematic actions of Todd are widespread since no students are left.

That might be too optimistic.
Annie (and Krog), nooooooo...
@GreenKrog the pizza debate also hinges on how easy they were to domesticate and how cute they are/how hard they are to reach (as in travel to).