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Thank you for making Wildflowers, and Happy Thanksgiving (even though you're Canadian; everyone should take a day in the year to focus on what they are thankful for).
@GreenKrog: Mitch seemed to be paying attention. Annie on the other hand wasn't.
@LilMissSquirrel: Yep. Even better with the early comments...
I think I noticed a couple of typos. Fade instead of face in the first panel (second you last line) and glances instead of glanced in the third (also second to last line).
Also, if I make it up to Canada/out to your part of Canada, I'll definitely join you.
I was hoping that she would finally be able to not retreat into alcohol. Being treated as essentially human (human in her essence not filling much the same role as a human) by the bar owner was a big thing. However, I guess, hope for the best, prepare for the worst, expect the expected.
@Guest: I've only made it through the countries starting with an L, but here's my list so far:
(not including the countries that are semi-theocratic and have an anthem about god)
I would say that the bar owner can only see Annie as an equally valid way to bring in customers (and thus a valid way to make money) is if he accepts her as first and foremost human. Even if he does not act out of an altruistic sense of protecting someone from a bigot, his acceptance does reveal some goodness; he just happens to be in a position where being a good person is good for business.
@CuteDress&TwinPonytails: Well, isn't life just a work in progress?
Annie, can't you see the red flags flying all over the place concerning your "girlfriend" and Dallas! Run while you can!
I've never had the... "pleasure" of returning, though I almost did a year or two after (and not as a visitor like Annie).
I'm so happy that Annie and her mom are finally mending their relationship, but for some reason my paranoia is making me think this is all a dream (though Annie's dreams are usually nightmares, so something good happening is more likely real).
Occasional check ins are all we ask. Take your time making your way back from this hiatus.
Second time she's had to catch herself from saying a different name. That or she's really attached herself to her new vibe but thinks that that might be TMI.
Annie really needs to keep track of this herself. It's a bit sad that her sister has to be the one to remind her.
I can only speak for me, but the only thing that I really ask for is an occasional check-in. It is dangerous enough for us to just be, so a heartbeat post is always enjoyed.
Wait a second... aren't Pintos the ones that exploded? This makes me nervous for Annie. Why does everything in her life have to be more dangerous than it should?
Isn't it spelled lacrosse?
@GreenKrog: But isn't he FCVS now?
Is that a bottle of alcohol that Annie has? For some reason, I feel like she's going to end up in rehab someday.
Go! Annie, go!