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Werther's a bitch.
Bree is worse than the Achille parents.
@someone_else: Decades... even lifetimes.
@GreenKrog: That's completely valid and one of the main reasons that I do read this, but then again, I'm one of the more stable ones in my friend group (in spite of the fact that I spent most of this summer in a depressed limbo of sorts and had to hand over the rope I had gotten to tie my flags to my flagpole for pride to a friend who is in a better situation so that I wouldn't kill myself with it).
There's a level that you have to be at for such things to be a help instead of a hinderance. I've got a friend who, despite working on it for years, still hides when she hears a car backfire. Another can only smell the smell of gunpowder and when he does, it takes him back to that hell. And I've got too many that have been sexually assaulted or abused to count.
With all of them, I'm never sure how close they are to being pushed over the edge at any given time, and while this comic could help if they could handle it, I'm not sure that they wouldn't take the same exit as Cindi, and just one could trigger the Werther effect in the entire group.
@JaxRhapsody: I understand that pain is unavoidable, but too many of my friends struggle with suicidal ideation more than I do, and them reading this could very well be detrimental to their stability.
It's the same as how I won't suggest Incredibles 2 to my friend with photosensitive epilepsy, even though I feel that they would love it as a movie. The strobe is too dangerous.
Good to see that Annie's text is back to normal in that last frame.
Annie... that's not healthy, but I'm not going to blame you.
This sort of thing is why I have trouble recommending this comic. Yes, the story is strong and full of catharsis, but to get that catharsis, there's a lot of heavy shit to go through, and enough of my friends are stopped at the blanket warning. I was describing the comic to a friend this weekend, and it was going great until I warned them about things because I knew that they probably couldn't make it through. I don't know how I did, but I did.
Everything hits home eventually, especially with friends who have been outed, raped, sexually assaulted, and attempted suicide. So many in that last one.
@GreenKrog: So often, it's been promises that have kept me alive. A promise to not harm myself got me through elementary school. Promises of my time got me to my sophomore year of high school. More promises of my time eventually came and got me to recently when a promise to say goodbye to my boyfriend in person and to come get whatever it was you were offering in Vancouver before dying have taken things up. Still, I've broken so many promises.
Does her hair just stand up like an angry cat's? Actually, never mind her hair is pure magic.
You have unlocked super strong Annie and Lexi with double fire rate.
@GreenKrog: It's because P=/=NP, i.e. some problems take a long time to find an answer to but are easy to check if that answer is right, such as factoring the product of two huge primes. It's also how bitcoin and other crypto currencies work.
@GreenKrog: So it's kind of like "bless your soul".
Glad I got a few days behind and came back to this being the current page. Also, I want to believe that the reason the Phillens mother is angry at being called Mrs is because she has a doctorate. Not sure what would be most perfect, but education is where I'm leaning.
@GreenKrog: So where are you on your drinking?
Not sure if it's just that we never see Maria's ears, but do I spy a new piercing? if so, where's the new car?

Also, what pronouns does Ky use? I see that referring to Ky in general is they, but are others used when referring to the specifically gendered aspects (such as Ky's male presentation or Kylie's female presentation)?
Considering that my university just solved a problem from a few years ago because the victims were pressured to stay quiet, Erica's right, but Annie is understandable and reasonable. Administrative problems are always difficult.
Not satisfied, but that's more of an issue that my school has from a few years ago that is only now maybe being resolved.
That moment when your school is facing similar issues of negligence that everyone knew about.
I can't tell, is Annie dissociating and being cheered up by her inner self or is she cheering up her dissociative inner self?