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@GreenKrog: Let it stand for a while.
...won't many any difference...
(Second frame)
February 9th, 2018
@Guest: I think it's more that he isn't sure if the significant other part was a guy or a girl. Was he attracted to Ky because of him or because of her, or was he just attracted to Ky regardless of presentation?
This may be a prime opportunity for Drew to come to grips with being bi or even pan, which is why he is so distressed. Many people who are raised in a conservative environment (even if they see themselves as liberal and try to be such) have issues with accepting things outside of a strict binary (such as hetero/homo or cis/binary trans). Him realizing that not only is there a person that doesn't fit that binary (which he may intellectually understand but is incapable of acting in a way that accepts it) and then realizing that he does not either would understandably wrack his brain for days until it gets sorted out.
@GreenKrog: You are correct with "than".
What's wrong with Bill C-16? I wish that we had one of those.
Is the second panel supposed to be "... without me..." or something else? It just seems like she suddenly got very West Country.
January 29th, 2018
@LittleLynn84: I think it is something she can strive for, but I'm not sure how much she will be able to achieve what she is trying for.
About 3 miles and 1000 feet.
It wasn't canon until you said it was.
@GreenKrog: Damn. At some point Lexi's going to get real deep about food. Also, last "frame" for the preview, Lexi says "you don't have time to eating." Should that be eat instead?
@GreenKrog: It's not overused. It's used the perfect amount, especially since it's the name of the comic.
January 17th, 2018
It's more of that with Shakespeare especially, if you are independently analysing the script (so not being guided by someone else's understanding) it says more about what you bring to the analysis than the script itself. The specifics would obviously change, but the subtext remains the same. Twelfth Night, Winter's Tale, and Tempest would have all worked okay too.
January 17th, 2018
I feel that the strongest thing on this page is that the question of underlying message is not completely tied to the script but rather is tied to how one interprets the script, especially with Shakespeare. Annie reveals what is most important to her from the script (and maybe even Krog telling us what is most important to her).
Well, that made me feel less animosity Cindi's parents and somehow hate Bree more. Didn't think those two things were possible.
Low blow, Cindi. Also, Krog, don't start getting so existential and self-critical that you forget to mention your Patreon. You do good and make good art, and if you don't exist, then I am rather sure I don't (I'm still undecided on the whole "reality" concept, but the best I can do is to act as if it exists).
Institutional food in general tastes bad, be it hospital, school, or anything else. That said, one of my favorite things I ever ate was a white chili when I was hospitalized. That stuff was good, and the one good thing about eating last that night was that we could get as much as we wanted.
@GreenKrog: I do need to get out to Vancouver at some point.
Admitting yourself takes a lot of strength. I hope that some day I have that strength when things are not going well. Luckily the last time that I was on the verge of killing myself, I had a friend that cared enough to get me help.
Religion is okay, so long as it isn't corrupted to justify bigotry. However, since the systems for indoctrinating that bigotry and religion are so intermingled, it's not likely to be pure. I mean, Deuteronomy 22:5 can either be used to attack trans people or defend them (with linguistic context suggesting that a more correct version of reading it is one which would defend trans people). And that's not getting into how pedophilia and sexual assault/rape of the homosexual variety is misread as just homosexuality.
I really hate people like frame 6 woman, people who separate a role from a performer and insist that the performer become the role/be the character. Even under the best of circumstances it's damaging to mental health; under other circumstances it can lead to suicidal tendencies and schizophrenia