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Occasional check ins are all we ask. Take your time making your way back from this hiatus.
Second time she's had to catch herself from saying a different name. That or she's really attached herself to her new vibe but thinks that that might be TMI.
Annie really needs to keep track of this herself. It's a bit sad that her sister has to be the one to remind her.
I can only speak for me, but the only thing that I really ask for is an occasional check-in. It is dangerous enough for us to just be, so a heartbeat post is always enjoyed.
Wait a second... aren't Pintos the ones that exploded? This makes me nervous for Annie. Why does everything in her life have to be more dangerous than it should?
Isn't it spelled lacrosse?
@GreenKrog: But isn't he FCVS now?
Is that a bottle of alcohol that Annie has? For some reason, I feel like she's going to end up in rehab someday.
Go! Annie, go!
I know the passage; I just have a huge issue with people who, like the guy in three comic, take a phrase in translation and interpret that phrase far outside of the possibility of the phrase in its original language. The phrase sexually immoral was literally about (mostly male) prostitutes but also had gathered the context of whoremongerer by the time Revelation was written. So, the choir guy is either calling Annie a prostitute/whoremongerer or adding new information to Revelation (sort of a no-no).
Did I miss something? When did Annie turn to prostitution or become a whoremongerer?
@GreenKrog: It's still worse than some of the winters we get in Oklahoma. We've had 70 F on Christmas Day before.
Wait, did Annie take a nap on the beach in the middle of a Canadian winter? Annie...
plot, no, but story, yes
@LittleLynn84: This page offers so much to, and is so needed by, the story seemingly because it contains so little plot. You've created a rich and vibrant ensemble and have found a way to focus the story on the relationships between them (and also with themselves). This makes the plot just a vehicle to get us form development to develpment, and pages like this become the landmarks in the story.
@Guest: *lesbian
@GreenKrog: How long are you going to try to keep this up... in bed?
@GreenKrog: If next summer brings me up near there or some vacation gets me close, sure. Not sure how close "near there" would have to be, but no further than Oregon or the Idaho panhandle, unless I have sufficient time to really road trip.
Also, I guess that would mean that I would have to get a passport and deal with legal stuff. But that won't be that big of a deal if Texas passes its bathroom bill since I'll have to get my birth certificate changed anyway.
Finally caught up. A one week binge from the start and just so much catharsis. Lots of pain, but cathartic pain. Thank you so much for making this.
And I was so ready to overanalyze it.
@sunspark: How is at all an issue of foreshadowing. Annie has already dealt with that question, multiple times, and has settled on "to be".