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and wow Max is smiling for once
you havent posted for two months, are you sure you're not dead?
oops didn't mean to comment twice
yay you aren't dead! Love the new cover :3
yay you arent deadddd! love the new cover :3
Ahhh omg the art is amazinggg
Omg I got the same app and it is so amazing! it cost a lot but I actually did digital art and it turned out pretty good I think, and I'm even gonna start a speed art YouTube channel all thanks to this app xD
Awww it's so cute and really good 👏
Whoa those eyes in panel three are amazing!0
Maxes ears are awesome!!!
I'm almost done but it looks reeeeally bad, I made 2 drawings and they are both terrible
This is kinda random, but how do you draw max smiling? I'm trying to draw her, but im really struggling.
I just started laughing at this and all of my friends thought I was crazy XD
Sorry for all the comments XP
Also max is quite the swearer XD (idk if that's even a word :P )
She won't listen to me