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oops didn't mean to comment twice
yay you aren't dead! Love the new cover :3
yay you arent deadddd! love the new cover :3
Ahhh omg the art is amazinggg
Omg I got the same app and it is so amazing! it cost a lot but I actually did digital art and it turned out pretty good I think, and I'm even gonna start a speed art YouTube channel all thanks to this app xD
Awww it's so cute and really good 👏
Whoa those eyes in panel three are amazing!0
Maxes ears are awesome!!!
I'm almost done but it looks reeeeally bad, I made 2 drawings and they are both terrible
This is kinda random, but how do you draw max smiling? I'm trying to draw her, but im really struggling.
I just started laughing at this and all of my friends thought I was crazy XD
Sorry for all the comments XP
Also max is quite the swearer XD (idk if that's even a word :P )
She won't listen to me
Yay tell your sis to get an account
that sky though XD (also this is tabbypaypay on my new account)