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I've been drawing comics (mostly humor) for 14 years now. I've drawn well over 1,000 pages throughout my lifetime, and I plan to either work with comics, cartoons, video games, TV shows, movies, or stand-up comedy someday.

My top-priority comic right now is Detective Tarson.
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    George Boden
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After enough ice cream he can't legally use that propeller hat.
The only real problem with butt pizza is everything.
If you're not worthy of a library card, you will disintegrate the moment you touch it.
Unfortunately, in real life, there is no such thing as a dad translator. Instead, you have to just guess what your dad is trying to say.
The murderer appears to have used a horseshoe-shaped weapon, but nothing of that description could be found anywhere in the glue factory.
I was planning to have dramatic music playing in the last panel but then I remembered this is a comic.
I'm gonna be in trouble if I ever have to color in this comic.
I'm really hoping Nathan's motivations in this strip are clear. Being cool is everything to him. He would kill to be cool.
Maybe now parents will finally stop blaming bum comics for all these dog and horse crimes.
@artofjoe: They're actually dogs. They don't know any tricks but they all howl whenever I show them bum comics.
I try to be a good friend by showing all my friends bum comics.

I no longer have friends.
Who elected this guy anyway?
This was all supposed to be an advertisement for the new bum comics bath time sponge, but the bum comics hygiene division went under, so the corporate stock value will probably take a hit.
That burglar is going to look very silly once he realizes his knife is also out of bullets.
For CG version: Use a 3D printer.
To be fair, I present most things through bum comic hover text. Resumes, dating profiles, condolences...
If you're a murderer you should also stay away from the scene of the crime. For example if you kill someone in the bathroom, you just have to hold it from now on.
Another fun fact about magnets: They attract deadly predators.
The movie adaption of bum comics will probably follow this story. I'm hoping it'll flow well in a 4-hour director's cut.
That was his last bullet, what's he gonna do if a mime shows up?