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I've been drawing comics (mostly humor) for 14 years now. I've drawn well over 1,000 pages throughout my lifetime, and I plan to either work with comics, cartoons, video games, TV shows, movies, or stand-up comedy someday.

My top-priority comic right now is Detective Tarson.
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    George Boden
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In a crisis like this, always remember: It's not Hitler's mustache if you rock it better than him.
It's okay because the episode after that is called "I shot the dog."
An ability every dad has: always being able to smoke a pipe regardless of the situation or circumstances.
If I ever find a genie I'll wish for 3 bum comics so I don't have to make them myself.
Remember: The next time you hear something in your closet, it's probably just your grandma, plotting to kill you.
I received a bum comics fan letter that said "Maybe it'd be funnier if I didn't have to look at it." This one's for you, Grandma!
You're probably thinking, "this comic's a lot funnier if you're a dog, right?"

@JimLad: How excited you must have been, only to see the word "bum comics" emerge from your notifications.
This page isn't part of the bum comics canon because the white house being full of dogs isn't a "crisis."
He goes on to be a super hero that puts butts on criminals, but by day he's a mild-mannered crane operator at the butt factory.
Meanwhile, Franklin is living it up at his new personal island with his new solid gold dog.
One day I'll host a game show where players have to find one hundred horses hidden in a room. If they win they get to keep every horse, but if they lose, they have to read every bum comic. The twist is there are only 99 horses in the room.
You can also roshambo over the first french fry, the price of the french fries, and the concept of french fries.
The bakery's supposed to have these ready each day but sometimes they forget.
Don't be afraid of the spider, be afraid that there might be a bigger, angrier spider inside of it.
It always has to be really cold in the casino because these guys won't take off their hats or coats.
dog cop is great at interrogations because all the criminals think he's too adorable to lie to.
On zorblax iii, everything anybody says translates to profanity.
Every year, afterlife horse finds a lucky kid having a birthday party and replaces all the candy in their pinata with bones.
Everybody knew Lincoln would be a great president because he looked just like the guy on the penny.