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So will this be available by kindle? EBook??
Beautiful page. Made me smile ^_^
That was adorkable!!
So I didn't know this. By any chance could I reference you in a book I'm writing? I'm going to put, (something along these lines) the Lion told me.....
No way in he** would he meet back up with you!😡
Will you ever have an electronic copy? Like for kindle? I'd buy it then. Easier and not many people will snoop through it XD
August 17th, 2017
Just read this at work. God I love it! Beautiful art and great story so far. Characters are good too: each has their own attitude and they don't blend together.
Keep the clothse off. Looks finnneee to me 😍
Patreon question
I just wondered if your extra content could only be found on the Patreon page? I was a Paterson last month and I couldn't find anywhere it went in order? It was confusing. I'd like to look at those sexy posts but in order with the comic. I asked on Patreon but never got an answer...
Be nice. Date for a while. Hold hands and cuddle. Promise you won't regret it!!!! 😜
Upside down cross, giant moth, and weed tattoos. Nice bod though 😜😉
Yeah but he didn't get a kiss! He's Disappointed. And maybe confused lol.
He thinks your cute!!
Are you really the loony twin, or is that just a nickname? Like the art. Are those hickory I see?? 👀
I like the kids. Even the standofish one. And the art is really good. Can't wait to see more of your work!
Catnip? Isn't that the "nip" that just got the coon a week in jail??? (Sorry don't remember names till maybe episode twenty and they have said it like twenty times!! 😓
It's getting hot!
I don't think he needs a pretend boyfriend! God they are so damn good for each other!
So totally me with my husband!
Guess I don't know that stuff cause I'm a girl and the oldest of two brothers! Lol