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Wowie! four pages!
It's not like I'm from Alabama or anything...
Wow! He actually did something productive with his life! That doesn't happen much nowadays with people! Impressive!
Yay I'm so happy an update of color blind came out on my birthday! Great update like always!
You know, for being possitives, they aren't very..well..positive. I dunno if its the extra s or something but like seriously.

Also i like the sass in the first three panel.
I thought I wanted to see what was going on with Assistant, but I must admit I am a tad intrigued
I want to check out the discord but I can't seem to find the chapter you have the link posted. Go me.
I Love this comic so much! I just finished reading what you have so far and I love the character designs. I got here from recoil and I'm glad I found this. Can't wait for the next update!