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Just and artist from Poland who would like to draw her own comic full-time :D
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EDIT: Just wanted to update there will be no page on Sept 12th. My health hasn't been too great in the past weeks, and I couldn't decicate as much time for the comic as I would like.
But I am slowly recovering and the pages are still being made, even if at a slower pace, so I hope to make it up with a double update next week, since the comic's anniversary is coming up :D.

Thank you for understanding, and have a great day <3!
If you enjoy Flow, please vote for it on TWC ~ Your votes help a lot with the readership, and in the beginning of the month they go a really long way <3

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Thank you!
@joolita: Yup, they are tatoos :D They are very simple tbh, but I am glad you like them - I sure did enjoy drawing the dude up close for the first time :P
Page 50! Feels so long, but so short at the same time, and it was definitely a (sometimes bumpy) ride and a learning experience. But I am happy for achieving this milestione. Onto next ones :D

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On another note, my friends are making a Kickstarter for their Visual Novel game, "Whiteheart Woods".

They are very talented people who published SoulSet visual novel for which I've done exterior backgrounds. If the Kickstarter goes well I will have a chance of working with them again.

If you are into mystery, romance and paranormal, it would mean a lot to us is you've checked out the demo and kickstarter, and spread the word :D
@solfi: They are a regular part of their diet 8D They live mostly off marine wildlife, because the land itself doesn't have anything to offer, aside from whatever crawls up the shore... and except for a few plants and lots of bugs and snails... to Malaiim's neverending dismay XD
And here's the second part of today's double update :) I just wanted to make up for the recent hiatuses. Next week we will return to the usual schedule, but for now, enjoy and see you next Thursday!

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Today will be a double update - and the next page will be posted in a few hours, once I'm done with screentoning and lettering. Hope you'll enjoy :D
@NuutGirl: He does that all the time... maybe he forgot his daughter's name xD
This page is pretty exprerimental. I always loved more expressionistic/impressionistic styles and artists who play around with their style, and I wanted to try a more painterly style in my comic.

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@joolita: While that's not what happened, it wouldn't be OOC for Keot XD. (The "Local Bishie" XD) The hoodie is a part of everyone's "winter" wear, however Mal doesn't consider their measly 4-7°C to be spring or summer, and ends up wearing it all year long... definitely much to Keot's satisfaction XD
I'm back :) Thank you everyone for your patience!

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EDIT (June 11th, 2019): Sadly, due to sudden emergency I need to take care of, I will not be able to post a page this week (June 13th, 2019). I apologise for the inconvenience! I will be back next week.

I hope maybe I could make up for it by making a double update on 20th (or 27th), but I am not yet sure if it will be possible. But I plan to be back on 20th for sure!