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Just and artist from Poland who would like to draw her own comic full-time :D
@NuutGirl: I'm glad she does seem that way :D
@joolita: I think this comment broke me a little XD
If you're curious what Mal is saying, you can check it in newest incentive :D : <img src="">
@NuutGirl: !!! Thank you! ;; 7 ;;
And here's the second page! Tomorrow's Flow's first anniversary, so I wanted to celebrate a little (and make up for the hiatus last week ^ ^' ). I plan to post some proper announcement on Friday, but for now, thank you so much for reading it and sticking around for all this time!

Also, new incentive :D - <img src="">
First page of today's double update! Next one will be up in 5 min :)
New incentive: <img src="">

EDIT: Just wanted to update there will be no page on Sept 12th. My health hasn't been too great in the past weeks, and I couldn't decicate as much time for the comic as I would like.
But I am slowly recovering and the pages are still being made, even if at a slower pace, so I hope to make it up with a double update next week, since the comic's anniversary is coming up :D.

Thank you for understanding, and have a great day <3!
If you enjoy Flow, please vote for it on TWC ~ Your votes help a lot with the readership, and in the beginning of the month they go a really long way <3

New incentive: <img src="">

Thank you!
@joolita: Yup, they are tatoos :D They are very simple tbh, but I am glad you like them - I sure did enjoy drawing the dude up close for the first time :P
Page 50! Feels so long, but so short at the same time, and it was definitely a (sometimes bumpy) ride and a learning experience. But I am happy for achieving this milestione. Onto next ones :D

New incentive: <img src="">