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Auzzy the Ozzie
I enjoy drawing, though I don't draw too often, and I have somewhat of an obsession with having perfect grammar and spelling, even though I'm not always the best at it, I try.

This account is just for following comics, as I'll probably never make my own comic, but if you wanna see my art, I post occasionally on my Tumblr!
I just read all this and I already wanna reread this it's so cool!!!
I do that a lot too, except when I'm done with one part I generally merge the layers. Only really with the lines and sketch though, I never merge the colour layers or anything.
For a moment I was like "What? Thirties? That's really hot? And spring?? It's autumn right now????" then I realised that you probably meant Fahrenheit and that it's spring in lots of places in the world