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I read a lot of BL on here. When I am not reading on here I am writing and lurking on Deviantart.
Looks like the friends are ditching him. Poor thing.
February 18th, 2018
How about I needed you this whole time but couldn't tell you because I am a huge weenie?
\\*blush*\\ My, they did undress fast >.>;;; I really hope they don't have any regrets in the morning, given they were just at a BAR. Not that I haven't been waiting for this for 140 pages.

...and I hope I survive another week waiting for an update!
Be my friend again?
Get after it!! Don't force it, but let him know what you want. He'll come around. The way he stood up for you in the bar, there is no way he doesn't like you.
@ladypcp: Yes, those are style traits. So long as the bow is not drawn beyond the cheek or "overdrawn". That is the most common mistake that artists like to make, I blame Hollywood.
January 19th, 2018
@YonaRemi: lol, once upon a time...
I bet he's the chicken XP
I have to say bravo, you are one of the few artists I have seen properly illustrate the draw of a bow. It makes me happy :)

That said, the watercolor feel to your art is very beautiful.
@Japanazi: OMG, you're smartass level is over 9000!

Kudos and good day!!
January 12th, 2018
Technomancer anyone?
January 10th, 2018
Yeah..."it's" quite viscous and doesn't evaporate quickly. It will pool in fabrics, learned that lesson first-hand *smh*
The bow is wonderfully illustrated.

I did a little archery in college, and if you were going to illustrate a bowman in the future I have a few observations. I would say that Ivo is prone to overdrawing his bow...the string should not go past your ear
he and uses an open stance with the hips not perpendicular to the target...but I use a closed stance with the hips squared to the target. he left-handed? The knock and string is drawn with the dominant hand.

This is in no way meant to be criticism. The art is wonderful. I am only seeking to share what I know in the interest of kindness, I just know I have a habit of sounding condescending and bookish.

I love this comic though <3
Bye,Satan! I snorted coffee everywhere
These are the days that build character
Get after it ;)
@ChainEnergy: or both. XD
@WingFreak: With cowboys an asskickin can be a form of foreplay , so it's all the same, lol.
This kids, is what we call homophobia.
Initiate overactive imagination!