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suzmya icigo
yo, im a chick, ya know like...a chick,female etc. I like anime,manga,rping,drawing,reading,art club <3 ( we rock) and just flat bein' chill.
i dislike: close minded people, cunts,sluts,bitches,hoes,( pretty much the female population of my town), i don't like sexist people or bible thumpers ( i am a wiccan), people that don't give an educated answer and are outraged when its proven wrong.
in other words i'd say im pretty chill as long as you aren't gonna be a bitch to me.

lives in small town Arkansas
likes ALL art forms
a red head like that deep lipstick red too, tiz pretty
likes the wild style but i prefer to just hang most of the time
i have blue green and yellow eyes (the yellow is a VERY thin ring around my pupil)
thanks for reading, friend me if ya want, i rarely bite.
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Dude Dude
I think I've commented on here maybe once. But just sayin' I don't care what ya look like. I like the way you do this, you never fail to entertain even with really short comics. Besides, who said tomboys can't be pretty?
suzmya icigo
January 20th, 2014
meow~ <3
Holy shit it's been a while! this is from like a month ago! so sorry for all of my absence. i've been working and doing finals and such so i haven't been editing pictures at a good rate. i do all of this by hand so it takes a really long time. I don't have a tablet or anything of the like and i HATE uploading half-assed sketches.
suzmya icigo
March 18th, 2013
I LIVE!!!!! my scanner has been busted so damn bad and then my editing tool... damn it's been a minute. but i'm back and better than ever. hopefully i can start updating more frequently for my few friends.
NOOOOOOOOO not the chocolate locks of glory! T^T
Finally! a a guy with long red hair! i haven't seen that yet. bravo~!
imma ginger ( ish, more strawberry blonde ) , most of my family is and we say " for every freckle a ginger has , that's how many souls we've taken." we can also put them up in bottles to make that person immortal. >:D
i'm here, wow i don't think I've ever commented XD. anyway, don't change a thing, the details and such are what drew me to this comic in the first place.
i'm honestly surprised ( and ashamed) that for the first few pages i found this comic baffling. But thank you for sending this message. A lot of people get being raped and actually liking being dominated confused even though there's a major difference. Over all it was a very eye opening read ( I've been aware but i'm a visual learner so I've never been THAT aware ) thank you for that.
happy birthday indeed >w> <3
FINALLY got a scanner :DDD which means i will return to blowing up the few viewers i have's favorites with my sub-par art work! :D but seriously, glad to be back!
holy shit i had giving up hope! TwT but there are updates . * dies from barfing too many rainbows out of happiness * XD
penis lol XD jk. great page though.
Kaito: how was your school life? favorite subject and all that.

Shuno: what's your favorite snack? we all know kaito likes whipped cream, but what about you?
i hope you feel better soon man.
and she's about to kick cow demon ass! ( i know it's not a cow demon,i just call the ol' fucker that lol)
my friend britteny's person for our comic White Light: Reality

you can find it here:
@DazedCloud: lol! i actually have a friend that reads this with me, we get so excited when there's an update and fan-girl like the neighbors over everything XD
@SarcasmAndWit: dude i know the feeling, my mom is like , right across the room from me XD
2nd Panel
... Kaito-chan <3 he just looks like a kitten about to fall asleep ( go ahead, call me crazy)
check it out pleeeeeeeeaaaasssseeee