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I'm so sorry for missing a couple weeks! Things have been hectic for me with work and helping my SO with moving and living with me and all sorts of crazy schedule shit. I'll try my best to get back into regular updates, but in the meantime thank you all so much for your patience and understanding <3

Thanks! I don't count this as 100 yet because the three cover pages and the rules page (as well as the pages of prologue). BUT WE'RE GETTING THERE!
And aaa I know, isn't he just so precious? <3

and you'll be pretty pleased to see the next page, then~
In his mind, it makes sense! Humans have treated pokemon as servants and slaves, even though he sees them as superior to humans. So now he's getting back at them and wants to return pokemon to their rightful place on top.

Thank you very much <3 I am so excited about telling the story and conveying the feelings and I'm glad it comes out~

Very true! I will mostly stick to the main plot of uranium, but I plan to add a lot of my own insight, ideas, and plot - just like most other pokemon comics do :3

Yeah, sorry about that! I wanted her smacking him overhead with it but I tried a couple views and this is the only one that came out looking okay. She's too far away for it to look natural - I'll have to improve on action scenes!

He just thinks those pokemon are brainwashed by people to accept violence
I forgot to write the words on this one, oh lawd. Still trying to figure out how to make the pokemon text look different while not making it clash with everything else.
Apologies for the late update - we will return to our appropriate schedule next week <3
Aw, thanks! I've been trying to just tweak some looks to make pokemon more aesthetically pleasing and more cohesive - I'm happy it's working :3

He's here to save the day! Hooray!
A new challenger appears!

It's a different one - you're correct! I'm doing my best to make the same pokemon look distinct, which is harder without color haha
Finally~ the moment I've been waiting for since the comic started - pokemon speech :D