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Digimon nerd that loves birds and is a bird.

Uh, I'm seventeen and I draw constantly. I never stop. I will draw on my arm. I will draw on my napkin. I will draw on my drawings!

Careful not to cut yourself on my teenage edge.
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Sora, that bed doesn't belong to you! Don't scratch it up!
Place your bets now, kids!
I was going to say something interesting but then I saw Sora's face on all fours in the second to last panel, and I forgot I drew that since this page is from last June and I forgot what I was going to say.

I don't think I've ever drawn a better representation of pure rage.
I actually really love Sora and Matt as a couple and I think they're cute together, also, for some reason, I am 100% convinced their daughter could snap my neck, but that might just be me, and anyways I love that couple.

Have a page where they're trying to kill one another!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
Sora, literally less than 24 hours ago: I don't light people on fire. How dare you insinuate I would ever light someone on fire. I may be on fire, but no one in my vicinity can be on fire. I will put out that fire. No fire.

Sora, today: All right well Matt's eyes are a shade of blue I'm not particularly fond of, into the campfire he goes,
@Ela: I'm glad you like it, I remember this one being fun to draw.
Everyone is sick of her, Matt, but not everyone signed away their soul...

Also, making monster noises doesn't count as an argument, both of you.
I made a speedpaint of this page and never posted it because I kept pulling up the script or references with spoilers on them so no one is ever going to see it.

I should really get around to making a speedpaint I can actually post.
This page is alternatively titled: Somebody Finally Kicks Sora Who was Frankly Asking for it for Days
I... I read Lambda as Lasagna when I first opened this page. I am Very Sorry. But I am very excited, this Purrloin has been a very fun villain so far!
I really like how she tells Joe to shut up as if she expects him to just watch this go down silently, like she really cares about if everyone else gets sleep.
Whew, back from like 7,999,394,029 edge down to at MOST 6,348,632,643.
Sora, don't you know? Sides are tricky things? Didn't we have this conversation before?
The fact that she waits to make SURE it's a dream and thus can't be hurt before going off on him is a beautiful touch.
Smooth, Matt. Although "I don't really know what you're talking about" works for Sora sometimes, so fair game I guess.

Anyways, who cares about my giant Garudamon stuffed animal? No one? Well too bad, you're hearing about her anyways. I finished her torso. It's three feet long. I love her, even though she is just a torso.
What do you mean 'usually?'

Anyways, drawing someone emoting with wings instead of hands is a mercy.
"You see, Tess, if you're going to work with me, you have to look edgy."

But actually I love this page and I love seeing Yveltal in a comic, he's such a good Pokemon design.
And you thought her conversation with Tai was unhelpful, disjointed, and one sided, you haven't seen nothing yet...

Anyways, this scene is in a few of the PMVs and is actually one of the first scenes conceptualized for Refurbished Bleeding Sky. The oldest record of this scene is actually in January of 2016, over a year before I started working on the comic. A lot has changed about it, but it's always been this over the top when it comes to the setting, haha. It's deliberate, I promise I'm not taking it seriously, it's supposed to be ridiculous, plot n' stuff,