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Digimon nerd that loves birds and is a bird.

Uh, I'm eighteen and I draw constantly. I never stop. I will draw on my arm. I will draw on my napkin. I will draw on my drawings!

Careful not to cut yourself on my teenage edge.

Wait, what? You thought I would have enough Digimon just drawing a Digimon comic page three times a week? Well JOKE'S ON YOU, you can also find some Digimon here: Much happier pictures of Digimon, usually, I might add.

Also on Twitter @DigiVentimon but I'm really bad at keeping that site updated (woops)
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OH yeah this is the page I figured out how Sora's hair is actually supposed to be drawn,,,
@Curmudgeoncorgi: I'm starting to think Tai would be LESS tired if he just stayed up all night instead...
Oh, wait, never mind, I guess it is kinda Sora's fault.
It's always weird when the bad thing happening isn't Sora's fault.
Matt decides to return to his friends after learning what he needs from Artemis. However, he finds them- and himself- in trouble he was not prepared for, physically and mentally. Any spellcasting is only growing more dangerous, and yet it seems it may be necessary...
SO upon further consideration, the 'Evil Rings' from Digimon World DS, I have concluded, are probably Dark Rings, like from 02, except I can't pinpoint which universe these games are supposed to take part in, because Marcus is I think from Data Squad but also Dark Rings and Digieggs, like, did they just re-use all these in Data Squad?

Oh skies, they just put whatever they feel like in these games, don't they. I'm trying to hard to make logic out of this.
@pheonomon: Aah, thanks <3 I appreciate it!
Still sort of proud of how her bed looks in that panel. I'm,,, very very bad at backgrounds.
Hey, I actually did gone make a new PMV:
Okay so I'm going to college next week and I think I'm gonna finally have to drop that Thursday update. Does anyone here remember that AABS technically is only supposed to update twice a week and I tacked on the third update because I could? I feel like I've been doing extra updates so long that possibly a lot of you actually just don't remember.

Anyways I'll be a freshmen and have no idea how hard/easy the classes will be, or how often I'll be in a position where I can draw my comic, ect, so yeah. Back to just Tuesday/Saturday.

Even if I do find out I have lots of time to draw, I think I'm just gonna stick to two updates a week, too. I'm less then four chapters away from finishing this comic as a whole and frankly I'd just rather build up a huge buffer shield and update every day for over three months.

Everyone in my comment section has always been absolutely lovey and sane to me, but I've seen these sort of announcements on other webcomics so let me, in my paranoia, LOUDLY REMIND EVERYONE THAT THIS IS A PASSION PROJECT AND I DO IT FOR FUN AND I'M NOT GETTING PAID AND HAVE NO OBLIGATION TO KEEP UPDATING THREE TIMES A WEEK anyways given your previous comments everyone will be understanding and not mind too much and not comment angrily but,,,, I've seen it happen so I'm a little nervous about announcing this.

Thanks <3
That dramatic shading on the last panel was amazing fun to draw. Hahaha. Look at the stupid edgelord.
Yeah we know you're normal, Nick, you're an eevee, you have to evolve if you don't want to be normal,

YEAH actually I don't know how many people actually noticed that her hands were jacked up for a few chapters near the beginning of the comic, that's what those little scratches are from. Because the wounds weren't that deep and were straight cuts from a sword, they eventually healed over but yeah that's what those are from.
Biyomon is drinking hot milk. I'm not sure it actually helps anyone sleep, but I've never tried it. Fun fact: I really hate the taste of milk.
Areo still wants to kick the injured child to the curb.

Side note, videos of foraging swords is really cool.
@pheonomon: Ahh, thank you so much! I'm not very confident at shading, so I'm glad to hear you can see improvement~
There's six flashback chapters (once for each month Sora was trapped) BTW. I forgot to mention what month it is. Month four.
It's AA's Internet Anniversary again! Again, my editing software crashed and I lost everything, hence I don't have much, but I'm drawing something to celebrate. (its a panel from Chapter 2 for two years)

BOOM: Ten minutes late, but have some art: w=10%3A1565287743