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Digimon nerd that loves birds and is a bird.

Uh, I'm eighteen and I draw constantly. I never stop. I will draw on my arm. I will draw on my napkin. I will draw on my drawings!

Careful not to cut yourself on my teenage edge.
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    Call me Ventimon
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@MattIshida23: It's okay, haha, you don't have to apologize for shipping (as long as you don't go psycho over it)
...I feel like she isn't what you all expected.

I love her anyways.
@MattIshida23: I forget the episodes name??? Idk it was the first one Matt really showed up in 'cause I'm not that far in but I really want him to punch Davis next time.
@MattIshida23: Weirdly enough, I re-watched that recently enough to have unlocked the secrets to 'Tentamon eating'and you are 100% correct, I am proud of you.
@MattIshida23: It's okay, haha, I never actually decided on the actual number. Currently the best answer is 'a lot.'
@MattIshida23: Ship whatever you want, haha, it's all in good fun ;)
He attacc,
He protecc,
But most important,
He has Matt's bacc
@MattIshida23: Yeah but the edgy weasel doesn't care
@MattIshida23: Thanks! I liked drawing him a lot ;)
So a few weeks ago I finally spit out the 50$ to watch 02 and within one episode I saw Matt kiss Gabumon on the nose and then try to punch a much smaller child and honestly, that's my boy...
OK but what if instead Garurumon just went "Oh okay" and handed Matt over no questions asked
It's time for a contest of "Who Can Be the Most Angsty?"!
Yep, Ice Dart is correct! A life hack for those with expendable magic ;)
Reppamon is a good Digimon, I like his design.
The day this uploads is also the day I'm leaving to go cosplay at a really big convention and I'm going to buy all of the Digimon stuff I can find, and I can feel confident saying that because let's be real, I won't be able to find much Digimon stuff.
Matt always feels cold as he uses up more magic which is why he's starting fires even though he's clearly afraid of fire but it's really hard to express "Wow guys I feel kinda chilly" in a comic.