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Uh, I'm seventeen and I draw constantly. I never stop. I will draw on my arm. I will draw on my napkin. I will draw on my drawings!

Careful not to cut yourself on my teenage edge.
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@joanne kaye: Ah, it's all so obvious now.
One time I received fanart of myself from a very small child who thought my 14-year-old self was amazing and she labeled it "Best drawer in the world"

I appreciate the thought, but I can't not read that as being called a drawer, like a shelf drawer...
I mean, TECHNICALLY Cloudcloud, Leafleaf, Birdbird, Clawclaw and Featherfeather all COULD be names...
Hey, do I see a Character that will show up again later?

One year and six months!

I'm proud!

And not sorry!
Kermit? Is that you?
"I'm fine!" *immediately starts drysobbing*
I'm very bad at indoor backgrounds but I draw them anyway because I don't cut corners due to art skill (I just cut them for every other heck darn reason)
I swear every face in this comic is a beautiful reaction image. I love it.
Grace's first name is wildly close to mine, it's magical!
@Ela: Neat, I'll try to work some in ;)
I swear your art has improved like crazy over one chapter, especially how their muzzles move with their jaws. Why yes, that IS an oddly specific thing to notice, but it's so satisfying to look at, I love it.
Areo and Anvil live right next to another island connected by a sandbar. This is where Sora gets flight training for the lack of trees.

Also, now I have a deviantart so if you're not tired of garbage art:

Yes I am late to the party what of it
Areo was canonically waiting outside the door just to kick it open and spit on Sora after she failed.

Also, on the off-chance that anyone has a Digmon OC (Specifically a character who IS a Digimon, not like a fan-made Digidestined) I actually have room for a few cameos? You won't see them until Chapter 10 but hey, they'll be in there.
Ahh I love how 'summery' the new cover feels!
Also: the expressions in the last two panels are magical.
"Don't be scared," said the giant panda monster, swinging his sword causally over his shoulder with practiced ease, as if the weight of the metal weapon meant nothing to him. "I promise I'll try my very hardest not to hit you."

Also: That's the inside of Anvil's house, if you couldn't tell. It's a solid block of pastel pink most of the time. He made the drawing on the wall himself.

ALSO! Thank you new fan <3~!
A full month spent alone in the Digital World is finally starting to wear at Sora's sense of hope. Meanwhile, Areo's patience with her failure at training is beginning to waver...
Can Nick's adorable dead mom adopt me too? I love her.
The last panel is foreshadowing because I let Tai lead in Chapter 8 because he's the most morally sound person here and doesn't get that much pagetime after Ch. 9, rip

Anyway, now we can look forward to a fight in every chapter (except the last one, I think)