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Manga anime book nerd

Uh, I'm seventeen and I draw constantly. I never stop. I will draw on my arm. I will draw on my napkin. I will draw on my drawings!

Careful not to cut yourself on my teenage edge.
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I'll always remember I didn't draw warm up art the day I drew this page because you can see me warming up over drawing Tai from the same angle in two panels.

Always warm up, kids.
@Nomad: How do you think I got anyone to read this comic?
Hey, I was right about something? There's a first time for everything, I suppose.

Also, I like how Nick still stands out in this area of the woods, even though he's brown somehow it stands out from the rest of the area? It looks nice.
Joe gets predominately featured in every group shot because TECHNICALLY he's a main character with just as much importance as Matt, but not until later, so now I get to draw some glasses constantly.

Anyways, the main characters I picked are 'super scar fire-wings girl' 'spiky pixel hair tip boy' and 'I-add-three-layers-with-my-glasses boy,' for I live life on the edge.

Fun fact, Sora isn't actually supposed to try to punch anything, ever, in this comic, her default unarmed attacks are bite, wingslap, or scratch. That panel is an error.
I love Digimon games and their dumb translations?! In Digimon Dawn I did a quest where I Actually Literally forced a VenomMyotismon to play Dracula in the haunted house of someone he didn't know by beating him up, and before the battle he was really upset because he thought the role was demeaning, but after the battle he decided I was cool so so was the haunted house, it was amazing. Glorious.
I regret giving that Celomon freckles, I also regret putting so many in one scene to keep track of, ouch,
@Nomad: Ironically lots of Digimon are animals decked out in combat gear *coughcoughMetalGarurumoncoughcough*
Oh, wait, is that the Mossy Rock?
@pheonomon: Sora knows exactly three ways of communication:
Irate hiss
Angry scream
Aggressive comment
Sora also only has three emotions, which are 'irate' 'angry' and 'aggressive,' so things work out well for her.
Uh-oh, it sounds like they've been caught by the blood-thirsty and savage Celomon!
Joe doesn't read fanfics, so this had shock value to him at first.
BOO! A spooky Hallow's Eve to everyone!

Is it bad that I'm seventeen and I'm still like "I can't wait to dress up on Saturday at the ComicCon-"
I!!! Finished!!! Chapter!!! Eleven!!!

I'm over half way done with this comic! What the heck! This is glorious!

Also, Halloween? More like: excuse to post four updates in a week!

I want the next page to just be him hiding behind a tree or something and going "Haha, they'll never find me here!"
Ah, the flow of the character's bodies in motion is wonderful, you can really read their gestures, it's really cool to see!
I mean, at least he'll probably win hide-and-seek now,
@Ela: IDK, if a man with that face told ME to jump about twenty feet down into a gladiator ring, I'd do it.
Drawing those chains nearly killed me. You will have to ignore the poor quality of chain art.
The Celomon have no idea how to take care of their prisoners, leading to their neglect. Although let's be real, if someone slapped a 'the Littlest Kitten' band-aid on my gaping wound, I think I would, to, feel better.
The Celomon have such a large and elaborate prison because they were once powerful warriors, but then they defeated all of their enemies and went soft.

Doesn't have anything to do with the plot, just a tidbit of world building.