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Manga anime book nerd

Uh, I'm seventeen and I draw constantly. I never stop. I will draw on my arm. I will draw on my napkin. I will draw on my drawings!

Careful not to cut yourself on my teenage edge.
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I love Reece's expressions <3
Fun fact: The Celomon were origonally drawn as flightless birds, but I changed it when I realized that I had a LOT of fanmade Digimon birds in general (Keymon, Owlimon, obviously Ventimon, Lunarmon) and changed them to dogs. I don't draw all that many dogs, so.

Anyway, ignoring Magemon, who is a WOLF so he's DIFFERENT
Ah, the way you draw cats is really good, especially in their body structure and how their expressions look! I also like the way their faces are shaped differently- it helps tell apart characters with somewhat simple designs. It's cool to see you have that much art evolution in just a few pages, too! Good luck!
I really like how you draw forests, wow... The moods of the colors you use really set a nice tone, it's really pleasing to look at without being overwhelming.
@Ela: Aaah, thank you! In between this chapter in the last he appeared in, I actually put a load of work into looking at seals! I'm glad it shows!
@Curmudgeoncorgi: To be fair, if a Celomon approached me, brandishing walmart brand foam Hulk fists and yelling that I was under arrest for looking both catlike and confused, I would also powerwalk away.
She comes in to like two panels and says no words, but Laurel, Nick's dead mom, is my favorite.
@Ela: Sora looks like she agrees!
I love the Gabumon line to death but when it comes to drawing them I swear it kills me every time...

Which is why I would never be stupid enough to make Matt a main character or anything,
Gatomon was wanted for 'looking too cat-like,' 'looking confused at a policeman,' and 'powerwalking.'
And that's the end of AABS week! Thanks to the people who faved during this special event. I hope you stick around for... Whatever this is! Idk I'm having fun though!

I'm going back to Tuesday/Saturday updates now!

AABS Week 7
This chapter has an insane amount of art evolution, including the insertion of noncannon facial diversity and I dedicated the whole chapter to giving Tai the spotlight for once as sort of a 'thank you for putting up with the garbage bird girl' and I still can't draw Tai here in chapter eleven.

AABS Week 6
Tai is determined to save Sora from the Celomon, who seem to have legitimate grievances with her. Unfortunately, her own stubborn unwillingness to work with the group makes HER OWN RESCUE harder than it needs to be for everyone...

And that's a wrap on chapter seven!

This is one third of the way through the whole comic! And I'm on chapter eleven- when this one's done, I'll be through over half, geeze...

Fortunately, Sora is not, has never been, and will never be a vengeful person!

Oh no, that's ten fans, I swear I'm almost crying :,) Thank you all so much! <3 <3 <3!
@Ela: She's goin to timeout.
Ah! One of my old favorites! <3
Is that Loup!? I didn't think he'd come back!
Shoving bandages on a human's face proved to be one of the biggest challenges in my drawing, actually...

And a new fan~! We're one off from the big ten!

@Ela: Aw, thanks! I remember working really hard on it!

Next update will be later today <3!