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Now all our crew needs to do is set up the billboard. I wonder if they'll have any spare time?
@BestBuilder101: Please keep discussion in private smackjeeves messages or on discord, so that only you and your partner know.
This page is a wonderful example of what this chapter will be about. Good job!!
Our heroes now split up to get their work done. I wonder how well each of them will perform?
@Nova Ozuka: Sorry to inform you, but Lawlfles intends to make the next page, and I have an update already made for directly after that.

Thank you for your patience.
Have a safe night everyone!
Oops! Arian got carried away. Who wants to go next?
Arian gives a small announcement and a motivational speech. The Kirby's are headed inside now, so that everyone can take turns introducing themselves to each other!
Could everyone come outside, please?
You can very easily tell who is and isn't an author of the comic just by looking at the home page.
I can make a discord group, can everyone post their discord here or make a private message to me about it?
Oh wow!! This is wonderful! Great job :)
Arian discusses his plans for the future of the base!'s desire to apply and availability should have been discussed with me in a private message. If she is interested, tell her to contact me.
Arian has renewed the injured!
A new friend has arrived! I wonder what this Kirby's name is.
This comic is very funny! :)
The fliers are being hung! I wonder who will see them first?
I'd ride on Kirby airlines :)