I enjoy Kirby and drawing quite a bit! The best way to contact me is through smackjeeves.
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A new friend has arrived! I wonder what this Kirby's name is.
This comic is very funny! :)
The fliers are being hung! I wonder who will see them first?
I'd ride on Kirby airlines :)
This is so cool! :O
This comic is lovely!
Heroes do lay down, though!
Most of my comics will be uploaded in this 4-panel style, but special comics will be larger.
The start of something new
Hello! This is my kirby co-author comic, which takes an unorthodox route of involving only characters whom aren't powerful enough to fight main villains (yet, anyways.) If you think you're interested, feel free to apply as a co-author, but make sure that you read all of the rules in the main description first.

Enjoy yourself! - Numine
This comic is wonderful! Keep it up! :)