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Shotgun Chuck
Alaska burger jockey with a lot of ideas but not much artistic ability. I also love to drive (very fast, when possible) and have memorized a flatly insane amount of car trivia.

New avatar was not drawn by me! It's the work of another, a drawing of my car as it once was, before rust and neglect sullied its shine.
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@Koren: I can't believe I didn't see that the first time.
For what it's worth, I wouldn't necessarily say there's any shame in a well-done Pokemon comic, even if it can never be monetized. Crummy fan comics are a dime a dozen, good ones are a lot harder to come by. This was one of the good ones and then some, and I would like to thank you for what we did get.

(Though, on an unrelated note, even the worst Pokemon fan comics have a ways to go before they approach the awfulness of certain recent AAA racing games.)
Woop, looks like we've got a spy!
@Guest: True, but to the best of my knowledge "classy" and "internet" have never been used in the same sentence before. Sadly that includes this comment section.
@Kattra That makes an annoying amount of sense. He wouldn't believe in happy endings, would he?

Alakazam: Old guy who gets dragged to the concert by his kids and looks completely lost there, mostly because he is.

Ninetales: Obsessed hater who runs around internet message boards slagging them off as "not real [insert genre here]", only to get completely eviscerated by another musician who was secretly a huge fan all along. (This works best if they're doing metal, since metal is divided into about 10 billion subgenres which all hate each other despite remaining united in their hatred of all other forms of music. Also, Ninetales strikes me as someone who would really be into the, uh, darker aspects of metal culture.)

Now we just need to identify the guy who gets hammer drunk, shouts "FREE BIRD!" after every song no matter what genre the band in question specializes in, and tries to run off anyone he doesn't think is a "true fan".
Sounds sort of like he'll be OK?
@MercenaryX Can't tell you how many times I've done that or almost done that on YouTube videos (posted a comment while watching the video that turns out to be answered by the rest of the video).
@SmartTurtle04: The name I've already decided on, it'll be Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Countdown. As for how humans could happen in the PMD world, first, I did actually mean transformed/former humans... in the first place (actual humans will show up later on). The trick is, as far as the comic I've got kicking around in my head goes, the PMD islands are not a separate universe, but a separate part of the same world, which actually used to have some human presence until some long-ago war the reasons for which I haven't figured out yet. No legendary is doing anything to keep humans out, that's all down to the Pokemon themselves keeping up a fearsome front to avoid another war of conquest that, at this point, they would probably lose.

As for your second comment:

1- The aforementioned Vulpix/Ninetales is only one of the main characters, not even a team leader, and also a "former" human. He and the rest of his crew are originally from America, but had to cross a dimensional boundary to get to where they are in the comic; the world of Pokemon, both the "human" side and "Pokemon" side, along with another set of islands that's almost completely deserted aside from the occasional completely-feral Pokemon or similarly-feral human, are still a completely different dimension from the one we live in.

2- Keeping the game mechanics is the exact opposite of what I said. Things like the four-move limit (don't forget, the number four was apparently chosen due to the screen resolution limitations of the original GameBoy, since they didn't want a scrolling box) will not be in force, and Pokemon will be able to experiment with their abilities and vary them to the situation - which may result in having attacks that they wouldn't in the games, or things that aren't readily recognizable as moves (is it really Flame Burst if it's used as a land mine rather than a direct attack?). Rather than having type advantages be played dead straight i.e. Dynamicpunch is a Fighting move so it automatically does 1/2 damage against all Flying types, it might be portrayed more as a function of your typical Flying-type being able to move and attack in three dimensions rather than just two, making them harder to dodge, harder to hit, and, if you do connect, the fact that they're off the ground and don't weigh much means that some of the kinetic energy of the punch will be wasted as motion rather than fully absorbed by the target. And on it goes.

3- True and true. First set of villains will be all Pokemon, none of them legendaries, all with calamitous intent and knowing full well what they're doing.

4- Not all, but some.

5- Correct. No two specimens of a given species are ever physically identical in the real world, so why would they be here? Furthermore, free will implies the ability to rise above instinct, and differences of personality will be present as well. The games, with "natures" and their effect on stats, will often show something like a "Brave" Cyndaquil or a "Gentle" Ninetales or Tyranitar, but Pokedex entries still treat each individual species as a monolithic entity with a single canonical personality, rather like how we think of different animals but with even less variance per individual. This will be portrayed as a product of human ignorance rather than anything approaching the truth.


6- I must admit I never considered that before, but if I do add that then I'll be sure to credit "A Guest Commenter on Another Comic".
@MercenaryX Most Ninetales (75%, because how does even biology) are indeed shes, but for whatever reason I've just always assumed this one is a he.

Also, if you go looking for fanart (I highly don't recommend it), that ratio tends to come out closer to 99.99999999999998% female, and it holds also for Vulpix. I think I've seen like three male Vulpix characters in all my travels through the internet, one barely had any information on it, and one was a one-shot Indiana Jones expy of all the dang things.

Kind of irritating, really, how uncreative some people are. Oh it's not a towering pile of muscles, ergo it must be female.

That comic idea I had, with a male Vulpix as one of the protagonists, is still kicking around. I'm working on being able to draw, so that might become a thing someday. It's gonna be a... rather unusual take on PMD - lot of the usual stuff, former humans, stopping apocalypses, whatnot, but with a take that's supposed to be much grittier and more realistic without becoming edgy.

-Both gameplay mechanics and metaphysical aspects heavily downplayed and also approached from a much different perspective (i.e. an American Christian one)

-A sharp line between Pokemon's attacks and actual magic

-Tracking & defeating foes requires guile & technique as much as or more than brute force; defeating evil is less like rampaging through a succession of dungeons killing everything in sight, and more like coming in halfway though a game of chess where all the pieces have free will.

-World is a giant freaking mess from centuries of evil machinations, bad decisions, and just plain old stupidity.

-The vastest majority of Pokemon are just as smart as any human - also just as creative, and just as capable of evil - but they have to stay hidden to avoid getting captured and enslaved

-This practice in and of itself is a holdover from a less civilized era when trying to travel without Pokemon really was taking your life in your hands.

-The humans aren't there because they're the only ones that can save the world, they're there by complete accident from a government experiment on our side that went a little bit off the rails, and they just keep tripping over evilmongers in the process of trying to find a way back.

-The complete lack of infrastructure seen in PMD games is mainly because the locations in question are frontier towns; elsewhere you might even see well-built-up all-Pokemon cities, with infrastructure.

-The Pokedex is full of blatant garbage left over from olden days; much of that, and much fear & loathing directed towards certain species of Pokemon, is based in superstition rather than fact. Pokemon themselves are not entirely innocent of feeding into these superstitions and beliefs.

-Two Pokemon of the same species will not necessarily be identical, and I'm not just talking about shiny/not shiny and regional variants. Even siblings may have reasonably-noticeable differences in appearance, strength, personality, etc., enough to tell apart on sight. The belief that one specimen is much the same as another, is part of the reason Pokemon are still considered inferiors by humans.

Basically, a world still mired in superstition getting dragged, kicking and screaming, into modernity. Oh, and on and off bouts of lots of car racing & chasing, because as annoying as it may be, blatant author appeal is not technically illegal.

I will admit to taking heavy inspiration from another webcomic author for some of this, whose comic was not Pokemon-related. Unfortunately, I can't in good conscience give their name or link to it, because some of their art comes up raunchy. Not all of it, but way too much as far as I'm concerned.
Well, seems like normality is slowly reasserting itself. Don't want to speak too soon, but things are looking up, except for the part where Hoopa still owns Mewtwo.

Press F to pay respects to Victini, give Jen a medal, and then it's time to go see what Lovrina has to say for herself. Also, even if putting all the blame on Ninetales is kind of starting to think like him, I still feel like he deserves a little something for all this. He had nothing to do with Darkrai, Victini, or Lovrina's torture-borne demon virus, but this whole mess wouldn't have been possible in the first place without his lethal combination of zero self-control and deft blame-shifting. Of course, he's been able to skate for possibly centuries already, everyone seems to think it was his right to curse her, so why would that change now...
This appears to be an improvement.
Something is very, VERY wrong here. I don't like it at all. This is just way too easy, for the first thing. Hoopa WANTS her to do the thing with the globe, to the point where he isn't even asking for anything in exchange for the words, and Jen is walking right into it.

But then, does she really have a choice at this point? I don't see any other obvious ways to duct tape the universe back together right now.

Since I still blame a lot of this on that Ninetales, I've been thinking about it. The fact that everyone just sort of seems to respect Ninetales' right to curse people over minor non-crimes, and that his river of crocodile tears actually accomplished anything, really makes me wonder what kind of messed-up rules this universe operates under, and also very glad I don't live there.
And it begins with Mist finding a shiny thing. How... interesting.
Hoopa, you son of a gun. Pokemon moves might not work in this awful place, but I'm pretty sure a 12 gauge still would. Keep that in mind.
I do rather like this page, but I have to wonder how many more times Leeroy and his incomplete information are going to pop up and cause grief. You'd think if he'd heard so many stories he'd know that the former human ended up being the solution rather than the true problem. Twice, in at least one case.
@SmartTurtle04 Eh, not feelin' it.

I might just get lazy and link to some kind of basic "goes with everything" song.

Also, I suddenly cannot get over how much Victini looks like Gollum in the second-to-last panel.