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@Nashew seems pretty obvious to me that Darkrai is about to go ape again.

Something tells me that when this is over, Lovrina's gonna have some splaining to do.
Random aside: another fanfic author had meaning among pokemon be a function of which parts of a syllable were stressed & whatnot, and had humans able to learn to understand them with practice. Still another had effectively the same thing, except the last part wasn't there, as shown in one scene where a trainer's new pokemon (speaking English, as all in their work apparently can) repeatedly, minutely corrects said trainer on his name before remembering that "humans can't hear the difference".
Also, Del's entire moveset to date, assuming this comic plays by the game mechanics, in order of appearance: Focus Blast, Shadow Sneak...?, Substitute, Dazzling Gleam.

Rodney: Aqua Tail, Water Gun, ???, ???

Avis: ???
Kick the tires & light the fire, we rollin' out!
@Gen: 1. You're assuming moral equivalency, and 2. you have a very strange definition of "rude". I for one am very tired of seeing suggestive material everywhere I go. Like I said, I can't even walk through a parking lot without being punched in the soul by someone's paint job. The YouTube recommended videos bar and pretty much all of deviantArt are minefields. Comment sections on fanworks just get carpet bombed by raunchy posts even in contexts where no obscene material could reasonably be expected, including because the author herself said there would be none. Just... when does it end?
@MercenaryX A lot of fanbases have it, but this toxic culture seems to get everywhere somehow or other. Raunch makes up a lot of it (sometimes I can't even walk through the grocery store parking lot without getting assaulted by obscene stickers on someone's car), but there's another angle too - the idea that to be a straight man, or at least a manly straight man, you have to have no emotions (or at least confess to none) other than anger, have no depth of thought, have practically no self-awareness whatsoever, basically be a two-dimensional action movie hero fueled by raw steak and Monster Energy and radiating mayhem. It's the same thing that drives people to drive around in jacked-up brodozers and shout "HOMO HAIRDRESSER!" completely unprovoked at Miata drivers.

tl;dr being able to think and feel does not make one a homosexual, and that goes for real life too.
@Nashew so much agree. Two males (well, one male and one possibly-male) talk about something deeper than "DEATH MURDER KILL" and suddenly shipping? This is a great snapshot of what's wrong with society anymore, and now accounted users are getting in on it.

Hey shippers, you want to know the truth? Sane fancomic and fanfic artists (i.e. the ones who aren't shippers themselves) HATE HATE HATE this kind of thing.
RE: MiniDragonfly's old comment. Anti-discrimination laws probably got him. He'd have gone to jail if he'd insisted on a species with eyes.
Last panel: what people really mean when they say "anyone would" or "everyone does".
Why hello random redone page, how are you doing today?
In response to Ziliath's now-four-year-old comment: I came up with a fourth option. You see, the idea that every pokemon of the same species would have exactly the same personality and habits can sort of work if you start with the assumption that pokemon are just superpowered animals, but even then, there will be some variance, and the main games acknowledge this through "natures" that affect stats. If we start with the assumption that pokemon are sapient species, it makes very little sense at all, since that's when things like morals and differing experiences come into play. Evolution might bring different instincts, but the tendency to act on them would very definitely be tempered by the pokemon's pre-existing decisions, beliefs, and experiences. Though, on the other hand, Lombre in the original PMD was worried about becoming carefree upon evolution when it became possible again, so who knows. But then on the other other hand, that's the only time that I know of that Lombre have been portrayed as worry-warts, so who knows.
Some say that there are no evil Pokemon. Those people are freaking wrong and probably hug trees for fun. Take, for example, this exact legend right here. The fact that NO ONE in-universe has pointed out that Ninetards is the true villain of this tale, well, I guess it just gives some insight into why this little No Huminz Alowd Klub lags so freakin' far behind technologically. On one hand, the incident as we know it would have left no viable witnesses except Ninetales himself (which makes me wonder if the original legend wasn't spread by Gengar, scrubbed of identities), and the way everyone here seems to think of things, Gengar would have just been ratting on himself in practice - but then, that just goes to prove my point. Everyone piles on Gengar for abandoning Gardevoir (who didn't seem to think of teleporting herself and her trainer away or just kicking the snot out of Ninety) and I'm just over here thinking "9tales threw sum1 n2 the void 4 liek 1k yrs ovr nuthin & u r ttly ok with that? no objections?" There isn't really enough evidence to build a solid legal case here, but Ninetales should be the main hate sink here.

This is honestly why I say that Ninety is lucky the whole human/pokemon split happened when it did, because it was only a matter of time before someone's rage-blind next of kin grabbed a rifle and turned the tables on him - or before the authorities grabbed multiple rifles and decided that for the safety of their people, he had to go.

Somehow I doubt his "disproportionate revenge for everyone" schtick would feel so righteous if he was on the bad end of it.
@Blaze01: Wasn't it 50%? Also applied to other immunities such as ghost to normal/fighting, steel to poison, ground to electric, and flying to ground. In any case, I think that was done so that certain types wouldn't end up completely out of luck in certain dungeons/against certain bosses (the basic tackle/barge attack and Struggle affect every type for neutral damage, but suffer from other limiting factors like recoil or simple weakness).
@Blaze01: I seem to recall it was always a fixed 65, but then I only ever played the first one. Still going to overpower a low-level Ember.
And you were trying to kidnap someone for the grave sin of maybe being destined to stop a world domination plot, but, you know, Del's still the brute. Yeah.

Meanwhile, anyone who thinks the other dude was a Ditto is probably correct also.
@DatGuy: It seems many large corporations have already failed that one.
@Guest: If she posts right on time, then she'll be posting 5 minutes from when I post this comment.
With that new cover you are the only person I've ever seen who has managed to make an Eevee look serious, menacing, and otherwise impressive. You're also probably one of the only ones who's ever tried.
Maybe I'm forgetting something, but he seemed to do as well as anyone could have.
@Someone Random: When it's ready.