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Alaska burger jockey with a lot of ideas but not much artistic ability. I also love to drive (very fast, when possible) and have memorized a flatly insane amount of car trivia.

New avatar was not drawn by me! It's the work of another, a drawing of my car as it once was, before rust and neglect sullied its shine.
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This is one of those moments when all you can really think of to say is "are you freakin' kidding me?"
@MidnightUser: Glad to be of service.
@MidnightUser: I have an active imagination and too much free time, so I just have these periodic thinks.
@MidnightUser: Yep, still got it on my follow list.
Got Darkrai to crack a smile. That's definitely progress.
@MidnightUser: Welcome to my biggest jag about this; enjoy the periodic rants that usually end with something along the lines of "Ninetales should be shot". No one ever responds anyway.

The more I think about it here, the more I think this Ninetales (or maybe the species in general) has some serious cult of personality going on.

Honestly, it's like the 2016 presidential election. I voted for you-know-who, but I can fully admit he's not infallible and has done & said a lot of stuff I don't care for. A lot of people... can't. At one point a certain TV personality, acting as a debate moderator, kind of ran a hit job on him, and instead of just saying so, he took some incredibly vulgar shots at her. Instead of calling him out, a certain conservative news source gleefully chronicled the one-time moderator's downfall after that, as everyone cheered along. Now granted, calling him out might have been a strategic disaster, but I'm not going to get into that here lest I annoy the Bunny of Sulfurs (more than I already have). I can admit that the person I'm talking about lowered himself massively with those jabs, but a lot of people couldn't, because they wanted to believe he was perfect.

Ninetales here... may not be a 1:1 comparison, but some of the signs are similar. He did a Very Bad Thing and everyone knows it, but everyone defends him and blames the one who set him off instead... like they believe, or want to believe, that Ninetales in general or this one in particular are perfect or somehow closer to perfect than anyone else. I'd say not so much. Because if we all lived like this Ninetales, we'd all have killed each other by now, because in the grand pantheon of annoying personal slights, things similar to tail pulling are freaking tame. Ninetales himself certainly seems to think he is, considering he still feels justified in what he did to Gardevoir.

That is an interesting point anyway, though. You never hear anything about a Ninetales going off to put a curse on a politician because their tax plan put half the country out of work, even though for level of damage that far exceeds getting a tail pulled. I guess it does go to show that the greatest temptation to engage in vengeful behavior doesn't necessarily come from things of world-shattering importance. It comes from the minor, stupid things that surround us every day. Temptation to vengeance isn't the politician who sells you down the river or the shadowy NGO that got him elected. It's the guy right in front of you going 10 under the limit when you're already late for work. It's the co"worker" who stands around cracking dirty jokes and deliberately getting in the way while you're trying to work. It's the boss who thinks grown men don't need lunch or writes you up for things most people would neither notice nor care about. It's the neighbor who cusses you out when you tell them to keep their dog in their own yard and the guy who whips right into the parking space you had your eye on. But, somehow, we here in civilized society mange to handle these kinds of things without getting violent, and there's a place for those who don't - it's full of square gray rooms and surrounded by 30-foot-tall razor wire fences.

We have seen that some form of policing does exist in the PMD universe, so why haven't we yet seen a wanted poster with Ninety's face on it - or a character who calls him like he is rather than making excuses for him?

I guess what it comes down to is - are pokemon sapient, and thus responsible for their actions, or are they superpowered animals? Everything I see points to the former. The latter idea is much more excusable in the human lands, where people don't seem to realize that pokemon are sapient (even though they say at the same time that Alakazam has an IQ of "how does IQ even work"), but less so among pokemon. And I don't care what you say, trapping someone in the void for a thousand years over a minor annoyance that wasn't even their fault, is objectively wrong.

Interestingly enough, there seems to be an insidious tendency towards moral equivalence with a lot of this stuff. To God, sin is sin, but among imperfect equals, there have to be degrees or levels of badness in order for a society to function, along with a recognition of the fact that two wrongs don't make a right. But yet we have Gengar now really believing that the annoying pranks he used to pull were as bad as trying to suck out someone's life (strip about 100 before this one). He was a jerk and he did do some pretty awful stuff, but the malicious mischief is not on that level even if there was a lot of it.
@Experiment04LLZ: When it's ready.
@spudwalt: Sorry man, even I don't know that one.
To everyone saying it's over, remember we still have to fix Victini, resolve the Mewtwo-Hoopa issue, find Umbreon and Espeon, and possibly turn N, Wes, and Jen back into humans.
Wouldn't this just be an awful time for something bad to happen?

Wouldn't this just be a wonderful time for Hoopa to call in that marker? Considering it's a pretty good bet that Mewtwo doesn't have enough left in him to actually do whatever Hoopa wants him to, but the attempt will still technically fulfill his end of the deal... of course, that would make everything too clean and easy, so it's probably not going to happen.
Darkrai in this page reminds me of, of all things, Herbie, the living Volkswagen from the Disney movies. He had a lot of really dark personality flaws, but was also fiercely loyal to the few people who really understood him. If you menaced someone that little car cared about, you'd soon find yourself lost without a paddle and headed up oh-frick-run creek.

Darkrai here is the same way. Jen is about the only person who ever really cared about him as a person, who realized that he really didn't want to be a problem. And here, she's just proven herself willing to stick her neck way out for him. As a result, if you start hating on Jen, it's not her you have to worry about!

It was @guest_3's comment that made me think of this.
@42Meep: That's a Paras.

And this is why you shoot first, ask later.
Short response: "You'd be surprised."

Long response: "Because if they could get themselves out of it, they probably wouldn't have got themselves into it in the first place - unless they thought they could but couldn't. Bad stuff happens; ambushes, biting off more than is chewable, plain old freak accidents that no one could see coming. Maybe someone is out somewhere and gets jumped by a geared-up crew of thieves, or maybe a rockfall gets multiple of their appendages trapped. In that situation, it doesn't really matter how strong they are, or that by all normal measures it should be them saving us and not the other way around. They're just gonna be glad that we're looking for butts to save, instead of tending a camp and letting them be someone else's problem. Everyone needs someone watching their back sometimes. And I might not be freakin' Super, uh, mon, but I'm not exactly helpless either. THAT'S why."
Wow this Rhydon is a jerk.
Someone call in a demolition job?

Of course, it may well not be that easy.
@AgentNein: Now see, if I had a smartphone, the results could have been disastrous. Well, maybe. Is there a SmackJeeves app somewhere?
For some reason I had/have an alert on this comic even though the last update was five days ago and I already checked it. Coulda sworn it was back on top my list for a moment too. Accidental early upload of the next page maybe?
@Guest_3: It's actually Disarming Voice, and she seems to actually be a pretty good shot with it, plus it's been mentioned in-universe as an easy technique to aim anyway. Gengar's Focus Blast is, however, very hard to aim. He's hit someone with it exactly once, and has hit a mountainside with it another time.