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Alaska burger jockey with a lot of ideas but not much artistic ability. I also love to drive (very fast, when possible) and have memorized a flatly insane amount of car trivia.

New avatar was not drawn by me! It's the work of another, a drawing of my car as it once was, before rust and neglect sullied its shine.
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@42Meep: That's a Paras.

And this is why you shoot first, ask later.
Short response: "You'd be surprised."

Long response: "Because if they could get themselves out of it, they probably wouldn't have got themselves into it in the first place - unless they thought they could but couldn't. Bad stuff happens; ambushes, biting off more than is chewable, plain old freak accidents that no one could see coming. Maybe someone is out somewhere and gets jumped by a geared-up crew of thieves, or maybe a rockfall gets multiple of their appendages trapped. In that situation, it doesn't really matter how strong they are, or that by all normal measures it should be them saving us and not the other way around. They're just gonna be glad that we're looking for butts to save, instead of tending a camp and letting them be someone else's problem. Everyone needs someone watching their back sometimes. And I might not be freakin' Super, uh, mon, but I'm not exactly helpless either. THAT'S why."
Wow this Rhydon is a jerk.
Someone call in a demolition job?

Of course, it may well not be that easy.
@AgentNein: Now see, if I had a smartphone, the results could have been disastrous. Well, maybe. Is there a SmackJeeves app somewhere?
For some reason I had/have an alert on this comic even though the last update was five days ago and I already checked it. Coulda sworn it was back on top my list for a moment too. Accidental early upload of the next page maybe?
@Guest_3: It's actually Disarming Voice, and she seems to actually be a pretty good shot with it, plus it's been mentioned in-universe as an easy technique to aim anyway. Gengar's Focus Blast is, however, very hard to aim. He's hit someone with it exactly once, and has hit a mountainside with it another time.
@Charem: Of course, I mean, gotta keep in practice somehow.
This one is obvious from a mile off. Soon as the time comes to leave, Hoopa "conveniently" pops up again and nabs another one in exchange for leaving.

This is why you don't deal with the devil, or with genies for that matter. Not getting goofed over is likely to require information you don't have at the moment, and time that they obviously didn't feel like they had.

Honestly, I think the smart thing to do from an in-universe perspective would have been to send someone - preferably one of the people like Jen or Gengar that has a total immunity to something - back to town the INSTANT he showed up, with money and instructions to start hiring as much firepower and muscle as possible - preferably including at least one person who can not only teleport but track other teleports. I'm not sure if this deal Hoopa's made applies to Mewtwo only, or to all of them, but it still seems like it'd be smart to have a few allies who were 100% not involved and possibly be able to set up your own little counter-strike to whatever Hoopa is planning - even money it involves the bottle, so post up around it in ambush positions and get ready to start blasting as soon as Mewtwo's end of the deal is done. Have medics on hand to take care of any guards that get taken out in the attack, someone who can block escapes to keep Hoopa from running off. If he wants Mewtwo to get him the bottle, then the objective becomes to wait for the moment this is done and then get it away from Hoopa without breaking/allowing him to break it. If Mewtwo's objective is to break the bottle... bust out the Krazy Glue and hope for the best.
So either there are multiple Mew in this universe, or you don't even want to know how deep this rabbit hole goes.
@GoldFlareon: Well, that's what I thought, until this page along with its author's barrage of ice puns. Unless that's a Hidden Power, I doubt this is a normal shiny Ninetales.
I now wonder how the character-design work for this so-far-nameless went down, as "Icetales" doesn't have the red eyes. Yes, I did look it up, even though multiple Bulbapedia tabs make my computer want to barf its guts out. Of course, one of my OC ideas (not happening because I can't fricking draw, but still) is a fire Ninetales with blue-on-white eyes (not unheard of in that universe, and there's a reason for it, but still), so I suppose I can't freak out over anyone else's slight deviation.
@Guest_3: I'm still gonna say it's all Ninetales' fault. Yes, Gengar was kind of a jerk. But there's a few details that are relevant:

1. He'd obviously decided human!Gengar was no longer worth chasing at that point (guess even as a human that guy could do a pretty good impresonation of the shadows at high noon).

2. Gardevoir had probably never done anything to him, not even look at him funny.

3. We've clearly seen that Pokemon have full sapience and at least some level of free will (I don't buy that "won't attack a human" bull even for a minute).

Therefore, even if Ninetales in general are predisposed to be vindictive jerks in general... this is all on him, for not fighting back against that instinct. He could have been the bigger 'mon and let it go, but no, he had to go off and dump Gardy into the void for a thousand years as a surrogate. Then he cried a river of crocodile tears and somehow, in doing so, managed to get this Super Speshul No Huminz Alowd Nanner Nanner Boo Boo Zone set up, without which this whole situation would be 100% impossible.

And yet, no one in or out of universe seems to think of this, and just goes on blaming Gengar while justifying Ninetales with "that's just how they are".

Welp, I think we know what this task is going to be.

There is one way out here. In Minecraft, at one point, if you took some simple preparations and had a well-enchanted sword, it was entirely possible to spawn the wither and then kill it within 10 seconds. Actually, 10 seconds is very slow for what I'm thinking of. Catchin' my brain waves yet?
Darkrai being here could turn the tables on Hoopa completely. He has a single-to-double type trump over bound!Hoopa, is barely struggling to keep his Mr. Hyde side under control, and he doesn't seem to be happy with this sudden interference, so there is a possibility that whatever Hoopa's price turns out to be, Darkrai's counteroffer will be "get us all into the tower no strings attached and I won't use your mug for a mop."
Appropriate song:
Appropriate song:
@Bwob: Well he did kind of deserve it, I mean come on.