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Alaska burger jockey with a lot of ideas but not much artistic ability. I also love to drive (very fast, when possible) and have memorized a flatly insane amount of car trivia.

New avatar was not drawn by me! It's the work of another, a drawing of my car as it once was, before rust and neglect sullied its shine.
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This one is obvious from a mile off. Soon as the time comes to leave, Hoopa "conveniently" pops up again and nabs another one in exchange for leaving.

This is why you don't deal with the devil, or with genies for that matter. Not getting goofed over is likely to require information you don't have at the moment, and time that they obviously didn't feel like they had.

Honestly, I think the smart thing to do from an in-universe perspective would have been to send someone - preferably one of the people like Jen or Gengar that has a total immunity to something - back to town the INSTANT he showed up, with money and instructions to start hiring as much firepower and muscle as possible - preferably including at least one person who can not only teleport but track other teleports. I'm not sure if this deal Hoopa's made applies to Mewtwo only, or to all of them, but it still seems like it'd be smart to have a few allies who were 100% not involved and possibly be able to set up your own little counter-strike to whatever Hoopa is planning - even money it involves the bottle, so post up around it in ambush positions and get ready to start blasting as soon as Mewtwo's end of the deal is done. Have medics on hand to take care of any guards that get taken out in the attack, someone who can block escapes to keep Hoopa from running off. If he wants Mewtwo to get him the bottle, then the objective becomes to wait for the moment this is done and then get it away from Hoopa without breaking/allowing him to break it. If Mewtwo's objective is to break the bottle... bust out the Krazy Glue and hope for the best.
So either there are multiple Mew in this universe, or you don't even want to know how deep this rabbit hole goes.
@GoldFlareon: Well, that's what I thought, until this page along with its author's barrage of ice puns. Unless that's a Hidden Power, I doubt this is a normal shiny Ninetales.
I now wonder how the character-design work for this so-far-nameless went down, as "Icetales" doesn't have the red eyes. Yes, I did look it up, even though multiple Bulbapedia tabs make my computer want to barf its guts out. Of course, one of my OC ideas (not happening because I can't fricking draw, but still) is a fire Ninetales with blue-on-white eyes (not unheard of in that universe, and there's a reason for it, but still), so I suppose I can't freak out over anyone else's slight deviation.
@Guest_3: I'm still gonna say it's all Ninetales' fault. Yes, Gengar was kind of a jerk. But there's a few details that are relevant:

1. He'd obviously decided human!Gengar was no longer worth chasing at that point (guess even as a human that guy could do a pretty good impresonation of the shadows at high noon).

2. Gardevoir had probably never done anything to him, not even look at him funny.

3. We've clearly seen that Pokemon have full sapience and at least some level of free will (I don't buy that "won't attack a human" bull even for a minute).

Therefore, even if Ninetales in general are predisposed to be vindictive jerks in general... this is all on him, for not fighting back against that instinct. He could have been the bigger 'mon and let it go, but no, he had to go off and dump Gardy into the void for a thousand years as a surrogate. Then he cried a river of crocodile tears and somehow, in doing so, managed to get this Super Speshul No Huminz Alowd Nanner Nanner Boo Boo Zone set up, without which this whole situation would be 100% impossible.

And yet, no one in or out of universe seems to think of this, and just goes on blaming Gengar while justifying Ninetales with "that's just how they are".

Welp, I think we know what this task is going to be.

There is one way out here. In Minecraft, at one point, if you took some simple preparations and had a well-enchanted sword, it was entirely possible to spawn the wither and then kill it within 10 seconds. Actually, 10 seconds is very slow for what I'm thinking of. Catchin' my brain waves yet?
Darkrai being here could turn the tables on Hoopa completely. He has a single-to-double type trump over bound!Hoopa, is barely struggling to keep his Mr. Hyde side under control, and he doesn't seem to be happy with this sudden interference, so there is a possibility that whatever Hoopa's price turns out to be, Darkrai's counteroffer will be "get us all into the tower no strings attached and I won't use your mug for a mop."
Appropriate song:
Appropriate song:
@Bwob: Well he did kind of deserve it, I mean come on.
@Nekomata-chan: That's the thing, though, there is no such thing as friendly fire (unless you have an ability that can absorb it, but I seem to recall reading somewhere that Naya has Guts instead). Once it's out there, it's as unfriendly as it gets.
@PJSam: Fits well and sounds like it could actually be a PMD song, but I just have to go off and old-school all over everything.

Those of you with your money on "she runs into Wes" are hereby authorized to feel proud of yourselves but receive no other compensation.
"Frick, I think I've been spotted."
@somerandomguynumber1: Nah, they put bars there, just not in very solidly. You can see her removing one in the second-to-last panel, along with faint specks of dirt from pulling it out.

I guess that settles it, in any case. If you want a really secure base in this world, you have to dig. Or, you know, not build your base out of literal mud despite it being an above-ground structure, and despite obviously having the tools and knowledge to work with at least wood.

That's the one thing that kind of annoys me about the Pokemon world in general, is the idea that at least some of them are easily as smart as us or smarter, but yet somehow they think entirely by rote and completely lack any form of creativity, but only in some cases, with the inexplicable and still partial exception of Dark-types. You get the impression that if a Pokemon could drive, they'd be the guy that refuses to go even 1 MPH over the speed limit, because that's what The Rules say, and leaves their car bone stock because they just can't think of a reason to make it faster.

I think a lot of it has to do with the franchise's Japanese origins, as far as Japan's culture being really big on respect for those above you on the food chain and, depending on what you believe, on keeping any displays of individuality to a minimum. Makes for good game mechanics but a pretty difficult-to-believe backstory.

If you're going to tell me that among these creatures are things that have an IQ of "how does IQ even work" and can move stuff around just by thinking at it, yet are completely without modern technology (that they didn't inherit from mysteriously-disappeared humans and allow to deteriorate until it became unusable), you'd better have a better explanation than "LOL only humans can think on that level". Maybe start with the assumption that Pokemon psychic abilities are actually electromagnetic in nature (DISCLAIMER: not a 100% original idea, though the inspiration was not Pokemon related, also not that farfetched as at least one Psychic species is known to cause TV interference just by its presence) and Pokemon with psychic abilities thus have to be sensitive to these waves, which then causes the side effect that the electromagnetic fields from electronic equipment are bothersome to them. Or maybe you could have certain types of magnetic fields be the Fairy-type's weakness, not the Psychic-type's one (DISCLAIMER: practically stolen idea), and have that be the explanation for their weakness to steel-type attacks - getting cut/clubbed with ferrous material disrupts their own internal magnetic field that their powers rely on, or something. I dunno, just something to think about.

I do have an idea kicking around in my head (that may eventually make its way into a fic/comic) that states that some Pokemon do have advanced technology, just very well hidden. The idea goes, basically, that Wally (the rival kid from the Hoenn games whose starter was a Ralts) does something to massively annoy Team Magma, to the point that they start trying to no joke bump him off. He has to go on the run with his team, but everyone involved knows that they can't hide forever and that sleeping with one eye open all the time isn't going to do any good for the already naturally-frail man. So his Gardevoir, after much soul-searching, decides to make him aware of, and bring him to, a Pokemon-run underground settlement it knew about from before, knowing that its inhabitants "got beef" with Team Magma in particular and will probably take him in just to spite them if nothing else. Playing up that angle works as expected and Wally is in hiding down there along with his team, relying on Gardevoir to translate for him, for about a year before Team Magma forgets about him and he can return to the surface. Being young, naive, and very thoroughly impressed with what he saw, he half-betrays his gracious hosts and starts talking (only half, because he doesn't mention any specific names, species, or locations). Rumors start to circulate and the human authorities, battling-related or otherwise, start to predict attacks on the status quo of human ownership/domination of Pokemon, and thereby on their one true friend in all the world, the one that's green and made out of paper. A conspiracy of these leaders assembles, and gets Wally committed to a mental institution, while sending covert goon squads to search for these secret Pokemon cities. Fortunately, these "wild" Pokemon living in these cities and near the entrances are able to do some fantastically quick damage control and avoid being discovered... but rumors of what happened to Wally are also circulating, and one Rhyhorn decides that to see the kid declared insane, and his team doomed to drift for who knows how long in PC limbo, is just not cool. He then proceeds to blow everyone's minds by solo-masterminding a mission to break Wally's team out and then lead them on a raid to free him from the insane asylum, taking heavy advantage of his "beneath notice" status early on, which, since Rhyhorn are... not known for intelligence, immediately frontburners the issue of exactly what Pokemon are capable of and whether they should be considered property.
@Weedborn I don't know about you but when I'm trying to outrun someone it's got nothing to do with impressing females.

I'm going to be completely honest here, that argument (that anything & everything has to do with reproduction somehow) is one of my most hated ideas, right up there with a couple that would probably get sulfurbunny to remove all comments entirely if I mentioned them due to the risk of starting a sociopolitical argument.

I'd also like to add that if you do race, or compete in a sport, or anything like that, and you're just doing it for the ladies, not because you enjoy it? You're doing it for the wrong reasons.
@Guest: Two's been done, but what about five?

If I ever bother learning to fricking draw, you just might see that.
I liked the "scarface" thing better, to be honest...
You know, this genuinely surprises me, knowing that Mewtwo apparently has some human DNA in him. 'Cause I was just thinking tonight, about the philosophy of street racing, and I kind of realized that competition, really, is an instinctive thing for us. The worst communist overlords and safety ninnies may try to break us of it, but the urge remains there. Before cars, people raced with their horses or their own feet. People still race airplanes, boats, anything else. Anything that can be used to move a person from one place to another has probably been used for racing at one point and probably will be again. And then there are so many other forms of competition which test aspects other than speed... it happens everywhere, in all cultures, for fun, for proof of ability, for settling grudges, and probably for a lot of other reasons I can't think of.

Then, the other part of him is Pokemon, and if what Lopunny implies here is true, Pokemon will battle just for the sheer unvarnished lulz of it. Probably the only reason in-universe equivalents of PETA haven't gained more traction.

So while on one hand, I can kind of understand why this concept would be foreign to him, but on the other hand, it doesn't make complete sense. Well, until you realize that 1. even in his younger days there wasn't much that could challenge him and 2. he's used to taking himself, his strength, and everything in general way too frickin' seriously. I guess, because he was engineered as a weapon, it never occurred to him to stop pushing himself and take a break. A very peculiar form of workaholism, then. Hopefully Lopunny can cure him of it, but I have my doubts.

Fun fact: My new avatar is a drawing someone else did of my car that I drove until about a month ago. Unfortunately, I kind of went full potato and put too much oil in it, and Bad Things happened that I can't afford to fix right now. Getting me to work in its stead is a $280 Ford Escort with its own litany of potentially dangerous problems. I had originally planned to make this the summer I put the pictured car back in top condition and started racing on the mountain roads around this valley, but it just didn't work out that way. Don't worry though, my V6 Vixen will someday stumble up from the ashes like a really stupid phoenix, and take to the road again to remind everyone else how lucky they are to have never experienced a Chevy Cavalier or anything equivalent!