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Shotgun Chuck
Alaska burger jockey with a lot of ideas but not much artistic ability. I also love to drive (very fast, when possible) and have memorized a flatly insane amount of car trivia.

New avatar was not drawn by me! It's the work of another, a drawing of my car as it once was, before rust and neglect sullied its shine.
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It sounds like an interesting problem but I have one problem with it personally:

I wouldn't be able to contribute because I have no money. Sorry about that.
@evil-Umbreon: That's what I figured, but without color I wasn't sure. Sorry if that came off the wrong way.

On a more grammatical note, I'm guessing Winona is a Quilava and Phoebe is... I'm drawing a blank. That fur pattern matches nothing I can remember so I'm not really sure, but looks like an Eeveelution of some kind.
You know, I just had a massive showerthought about this whole thing. Granted it's one I've had before, but still. That Espeon at least has shown by the way it "speaks" to be, as I mentioned above, quite intelligent, maybe as much so as a human. Frankly, you'll have a hard time convincing me that other species are significantly less so. So then why is it that pokemon subject themselves to the whims of humans - sometimes objectively evil humans - seemingly voluntarily? Why do they never seem to try to form their own civilization, as in PMD? They are stronger than us and quite frequently smarter, but never seem to do anything with those abilities. It really is a strange thing.
That Umbreon sure enjoys glaring at people.
We are back, my dudes.

I like how you portray Wes' pokemon as being highly intelligent in their own right, and not just superpowered pets. That Espeon could ride shotgun with me anytime. Could probably sniff out cops better than a Valentine One, to boot.
@Pixel Moonlight: Found the guy who also thinks Ninetales did nothing wrong in PMDRT...

Also, appropriate music:
@VayMegafan@needmoreplease: Ghost type Chatot would have been a perfect Alolan form. Complete with pirate imagery. I mean, yes, it was technically Hawaii and not the Caribbean, but it's probably the closest we're ever going to get.
Yes, alt-text, we all have that one friend. *fast food PTSD intensifies*
I don't care what you say, the presence of a Chandelure in this scene is still triggering a primal instinct to look around for and grab the nearest lead projector.

Also, I love how @hade has... a character from something as his avatar, and then three other people have Lucarios, and then there's me with a picture of my old car someone drew.
@WriterRaven: So then PheonixFire was trolling.

"Anyway it looks like our good friend Natalya is a about to cool down.
will there be ice puns!? will she get out of this pickle!
find out soon tm "

That page's alt text is, in fact, an ice pun. With this page, as well, the attack does look like blue fire but in such a way that it could also almost be oddly-drawn ice. Either one would have done the job against Carnivine... and as far as I know, even from a Ninetales, fire attacks are not normally blue unless they're Will-o-Wisp.

Not trying to argue but more trying to show how I got to my original conclusion.
@WriterRaven: Except it did use an ice attack in 01-20 against Natalya, must have been a hidden power as I originally suspected?
In this episode of Crossroads, a developmentally disabled Carnivine gets tied up, the confusion over which type of Ninetales we are actually seeing here continues, and the heroes easily escape from a cardboard prison.
@MercenaryX: I believe the sidecar has some kind of levitation mechanism... which can somehow loft the engine (larger and probably heavier than any big block Chevy you care to mention) as well. And somehow keep the whole trash sandwich perfectly balanced despite being fairly far aft and to the side.

And the other thing, which I noticed before and now @solaris127h has as well, is that there is no way for that engine to be transferring power to that one wheel. With a longitudinal mounting like that, it would have to be shaft driven, but I see no driveshaft and no place for a driveshaft. Looking up some pictures online I saw what looked like a chain drive hooked to the wheel, which appeared as thought it was designed to connect to a normal engine in the normal (i.e. middle of the frame) place, but could not conclusively identify any such engine. Come on Gamefreak, just give him a fricking KTM dualsport or something, it'll actually be cooler.

You know, it really says something when one of my character ideas is a frickin' Ninetales who taught himself to drive competently and his ride is more normal than this human's (and has a more reasonable engine).
@solaris127h: I've created a monster, haven't I? One tired moment of derpiness and I've caused something crazy to happen?

Also, I agree with you about the bike. What was Nintendo smoking when they came up with that thing? I actually had to look it up to understand what I was looking at and now the car nerd side of me is going crazy. I seriously don't see how the back wheel could be getting power; with a longitudinally-mounted engine it would have to be shaft driven but I see no driveshaft and no place for a driveshaft. Thus the only way the thing could actually move is if it also had a transversely-mounted engine in the normal place with a chain drive, and after finding some rear-quarter shots of it, it does appear to have a chain drive (though I couldn't conclusively identify an engine for it to connect to), in which case what is that big ridiculous engine at the front for? A generator to keep the hover-sidecar powered? Which can supposedly loft the rest of the bike as well?

Honestly, just giving him a normal bike would probably have been cooler. Seriously Nintendo, not everything has to be SUPER RIDICULOUS.
@solaris127h: Good unintentional catch, you mean. I guess I did a tired there. I'm interested in Pokemon but obsessed with cars, and from there I leave it for you to figure out how such a dopey synthesis of ideas formed in my mind.

Now I see that's Wes taking the keys. I'm not used to people wearing weird gauntlet-things and so I assumed that was a handguard on his bike!
Not having ever played the original game... is that Espeon about to try to ride the bike? Because, I'm seeing signs in that direction (calling Wes too slow, etc.) and my Awesome Radar is goin' frickin' crazy right now. I hereby preemptively award the Espeon a theme song. Fits Wes too.

(beware this band may or may not have produced raunchy songs)
Classic memes are best memes.
@Ark the Glaceon: Apparently wanted for murder, claims to have been framed, that's all we know.

Also why do I suddenly not trust the funny-colored(?) delphox with the fancy glowing jeweled stick? This house has too many psychics and ghosts and one of them is a chandelure and one has a fancy glowing wand and I'm telling you, something is not right here. Maybe they should be making plans to move on out before someone decides to add Naya and Talon to their soul collection.