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Shotgun Chuck
Alaska burger jockey with a lot of ideas but not much artistic ability. I also love to drive (very fast, when possible) and have memorized a flatly insane amount of car trivia.

New avatar was not drawn by me! It's the work of another, a drawing of my car as it once was, before rust and neglect sullied its shine.
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@Zirilon: You take that back right now oatmeal raisin is the best
I'm a simple man.

I see a Chandelure, I reach for my namesake weapon.
That date tho.
I don't know, something about it still sits wrong with me. Are they really destined to be pets half the time and soldiers the other half, never given any... consideration, I guess you would call it?
Are you frickin' kidding me...
@venami: Despite being immune to them.

Panel 7: that is one tall Flareon... either that, or my sense of how tall an Abra is is messed up.

Panel 4: Seems Mist is actually rather young, at least for her species. Of course, that depends on how long ago she ran away. Gotta admit I didn't expect that, though maybe I should have...?
Well I mean, I think we all sort of knew Mist was loaded, so is this really a surprise?
FIRST now give me my worthless internet points.
And that ladies & gentlemen, is the sound of progress being made. Now if only someone could figure out what he'd be making with all that stuff, because I don't have a frickin' clue.
@VelvetRainbow: I do, actually. Mostly out of having a lot of free time but not really having a life. I think much of the reason for this is, the comic kicking around in my head, if I ever act on my idea, will have a little bit different villains than most of the PMD games themselves. In the games, you get dumped into some podunk nowhereville and have to save the world from some impersonal force/object or a rogue legendary, and on the way there you're saving people out of deadly dungeons. Most of the territory is fairly lawless, and in any case the pokemon you're beating up are either evil minions or angry ferals.

With my idea, though, many of the villains are more "ordinary" on the face of it and may frequently cross over to the human lands as well. It's not just about "go here and beat this guy up to save the world", because the villain may not have actually done anything yet that the law would see as justifying beating them up, and if you're a "former human" then they probably have more right to be there than you do as well. Saving the world from a nightmare king, an asteroid collision, or an abstract manifestation of darkness is one thing, since those are all rather outside the usual confines of the law, but meddling in the day-to-day political and law-enforcement affairs of your new home is something else... especially when you still remember your human life, are still loyal to the country you lived in as a human, and are trying to find a way back. Furthermore Pokemon will be seen as a good bit more civilized than the typical portrayal, with the lawless "podunk nowherevilles" being shown as frontier towns or as a result of "development" being hidden and held back to keep human spy aircraft from spotting things that might tempt governments to invade.
Here's one for you: How do Pokemon handle immigration, customs, citizenship, the political process, etc.? Someone like Miku for example, she's really not supposed to be there but she also didn't have a choice in the matter. What would her legal status be?

I know in the games you don't see a lot of "what does this foreigner think he's doing traipsing around beating people up like anything that happens here is actually his business", which you would probably see a lot of in a real society. This is something that, once again, I haven't really been able to figure out myself.
Oh come on Wes, there's nothing wrong with being well rounded (said by a guy who plays almost nothing except racing games).

As to the issue at hand, there's one big problem here. If Darkrai was genetically reengineered to be incurable, then theoretically, another geneticist could undo Lovrina's work... but to my way of thinking, genetic engineering is witchcraft by definition.

Thanks, Lovrina. Thanks a whole freakin' lot.
@Huntered45: Or from a culture where slushies didn't exist; remember that in terms of human languages he can only read Japanese whereas Jen can only read English. However we did see one of his dreams and everything looked rather... old-fashioned (and Japanese), so you're probably right anyway.

Offtopic: [B]OSTON RED SOX
Also, you did leave one thing unsaid... how is it that they haven't managed to reverse-engineer our technology yet, given that there clearly is some laying around (power plant, lab, etc.) For this one I already have my own answer in mind, but it's still something I'm genuinely interested to know... so often Pokemon are portrayed as being plenty smart in their own right, yet somehow they never manage to figure out human technology even when it's sitting deserted right in front of them. I saw one RP somewhere (that died out halfway through) where the Pokemon had inherited a post-apocalyptic world and were trying to get its technology working again, but beyond that this is one of those questions no one ever really seems to ponder, and I'd like to see what you can come up with.

Also, how the frick does the timelime work with all this? The lab friend area in PMD R/B is obviously built with 1950s technology at the very earliest, and yet this somehow happened centuries ago? Is PMD set in the far future? Does time move differently in the Pokemon part of the world? Even Sulfurbunny missed this one.
Update campers check in. 9:42 PM here in Alaska.
Usually requires the assistance of a legendary, who would probably notice you trying to hide a .338 rifle under your coat. Frickin' Ninetales gets away again, because of course it does.

(If it's not blatantly obvious already, I consider Ninetales to be the true villain of that legend.)
This guy reminds me of some of the store managers I've had to deal with as a retail data collector. So much not fun.
I spy one of those later-on fight scenes in the "complex colored" section.
Is it bad that I knew exactly what this was going to be as soon as I saw this comic pop up in my notifications?

That aside, I respect your decision and am grateful for what we've got.

I do wish SJ let us subscribe to authors as well as comics, so if you ever get around to any of those other projects you mentioned, I'd know right away.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do when Victory Fire wraps up (other than maybe get a life). I've got an idea of my own kicking around in my head, but I can't draw worth beans, and knowing how good I am at sticking to things, I'd probably get about half a chapter out and not even have courtesy to post a cancellation notice.

Poor Zeke, though... Erika's going to outlive him by a long, long time... either because she's a Ninetales and could live up to a thousand years, or because the stress of living in close proximity to a Ninetales will shorten his life.
Well, I guess the good thing is, partnerships too can be dissolved. Of course, maybe he already has and is only saying this to deflect Wes, though that's probably hoping at straws at this point.

A lot what this reminds me of is the many, many companies who refer to their lowest employees with some pretentious shuck-and-jive title like "sales associate" or "team member" to their faces - and as "human resources" behind their backs. The same dynamic is in play here. Darkrai truly wanted to befriend Lovrina, but to Lovrina he was just a tool, inferior, unworthy of any dignity. Dress it up with words like "partner" all you want, this is what happens when people become mere things.

The strange part is, I would say that working in customer service has kind of given me a taste of what Darkrai is feeling and thinking like here. Work in such a job for any length of time and you will feel it. Hopping salty, yet still submissive out of some sense of duty or powerlessness, fully aware that your soul is dying inside you but compelled to hide it or else get written up and your hours (that you need more of to eat) cut. I worked for "a certain US fast food chain that charges Wendy's prices for food one level above McDonald's" for almost two years and it ruined me. Even still, months later, I have symptoms which I can trace to that place. I'm still terrified of being considered inadequate, and will do incredibly stupid things just to prove I'm not a slacker. I'm shaken any time I have to give a manager bad news - even though the nature of my current job means we have never met face-to-face and communicate only by phone or e-mail. And worst of all, I unconsciously apply these attitudes to other people in my life who never put a foot wrong themselves. I'm an adult and should be able to stand for myself like one, but instead I freeze up mentally and cower like a child whenever anyone with a title or a slightly angry voice starts talking to me, while still getting violently angry inside. I know I don't have to answer to them or take what they're saying personally, but I still feel like I'm under their thumb and have no real recourse.