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nerd. that's all there is to say
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love that design a lot boly shit
July 24th, 2018
as a homosexual i can confirm that flannel = gay
big chip is now the only way i will ever refer to him ever again thanks raekwyn
hark, a friend arrives!
@Dark-Chibi-Shadow: it makes me really happy to see them finally confronting their issues and workin on their stuff. also this page looks really good
for a sec i thought the popcorn bowl was another plant so i was really confused when she started pickin up bits and eatin em and had to do a double take
*metal gear solid alert noise*
bio, i can't truly express how much i love and fanboy over these comics. i've read all of them and i love the world and all of the work you've done on it. there is a lot of subtle worldbuilding going on that i love and also your designs are wonderful and they strike that perfect balance of robotic, human, expressiveness and simplicity. i love what you do. keep up the really awesome work! <3<3<3
i love teri and also ship them
careful what you wish for my elephant dick pal
poor teri and poor didly :(
his droids are taking care of it
show us your pussy
poor teri!
our beloved boy is being overworked! not to mention someone who is obviously depressed with an incredibly overbearing father is being forced to run an entire important building on his first week or so on the job. somebody is going to get hurt
December 19th, 2017
get up lazy
December 18th, 2017
oh my god
this webcomic has increased in quality tenfold from the first page and is now fully fledged(bird pun intended) as my current favorite comic. these recent pages have been an absolute delight to look at! keep up the good work, but if you need a break just tell us. as good as this is you don't need to overwork yourself. tldr comic is good, take care. sorry for the text wall
I need this in my life. if the comic just became meaningless fluff then i'd be happy
take a break!
seriously, take care of yourself! no need to hurt or overwork yourself just for us! if you've got stuff in your personal life, take a rest and recooperate~ <3
so fucking cute. what the hell man,,