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Hello my name is Andre, welcome to my profile. I'm just a Description 'v'
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Don't give up now! You still need to save the world of PMD!
He's still pretty tired, that he don't know how to use his face anymore.
I wonder what caused the nightmares that makes Dusk use Toxic. >_>
Oof, that's too far far away, I guess..
To all characters in the comic: What would you do if you met your clone?
Oh no.. the tour is not ended yet, it's rude to leave the tour so early..
Dusk is alone now, because... unknown toxics on the hays..
Oh dear.. I wonder what happens..
But oh well, things gonna happen..
Neko, how's your feeling from the start of your adventure until now?
Looks like the world's part got taken.
Well he was just too tired to even think about it..
@Enderstar: Only when, not forever
@Enderstar: only it's eyes were different
Once upon a Dusk, who had nightmares asks Night for sleepover in this very time in this comic. (Might be a narrator lol)
Stay strong Jen! This is not the end yet..
At least it doesn't fell out
What's your activity everyday and how did you think of making secrets in your comic?
Clearly he does look disappointed after looking at rich gentleman's arts that looks terrible.