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Hello my name is Andre, welcome to my profile. I'm just a Description 'v'
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George forgot about what Atty has experienced.. Seems like the situation is going to be a lot worse..
And seems like the reunion is back.
=3= She's definitely tired going left and right.
Misty looks worried apparently.. something definitely going to happen.
I wonder if he actually saw the Floatzel dies..
I mean, everyone makes mistakes..
And then something happen.
Something happen.
Something happen.
Something happen.
And Celebi shall lead him the way!
But explosions? Fights? Fun? >w>
We'll see if something big happens!
And there goes him getting tired.
He's going to smoke a lot.
The idea got an idea. Oh wait..
He's going over-rage! Be prepared to be melted!
That's one overprotective sister, that's rather sucks rather than helpful.. .-.
Seems like another blast has taken.
Seems like an unfair match to be honest.. >->
Seems like he's going to face business problems (Team Rocket).
He's holding that punch really damn well.
Seems like Ghetsis are yet still manipulating N.