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Hello my name is Andre, welcome to my profile. I'm just a Description 'v'
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    Jonathan I.
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Seems like he got his Pokemons, yet..
Oof, he almost step backwards.
Starting to think that there's going to be decisions..
Well, that's a very stubborn core.
Well, that sure is troubling.. >->
Ah seems like, the Keeper is the only one who knows the future ahead.
At least the password wasn't Pidgey.
Seems like RGB is still in shock!
Ooo.. that's one future-sighting book!
Well that surely will leave a scar.
Well, that's one hell of a crash! Surely, Misty will be scarred.
Well, boys. The nightmares is no more!
Password password.. better guess one.
Seems like she's going to carry an unconcious RGB.
Well, it's either embrace it or ignore it..
Ooo, things are getting dark. Be prepared for some emotional moments!
Ah, one score one win eh? That's going to be chaotic all around.
Yeawch, that's way too much personal touch right there!
Huh, so Odyssey saying that Gardevoir might have misunderstood about the nightmares..
Seems like he's about to use them Pidgeys to fight.