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Hello my name is Andre, welcome to my profile. I'm just a Description 'v'
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Seems like this is why villain grunts have a hard time with their non-villain friends and families.
Seems like paranoia got the best of him.
Then surely, we'll get to where Leon forgot his homeland.
Seems like the chapter is about to end in dark screen.
So is Comlink is like passport? Because seems like it, and at least it's not raining.
At least the prisoners didn't go WE NEED FREEEEDOM!
Done! A team full of Joy, I dunno why I feel that I add a cameo of a team.
Well, she already adapted to being left a lot. So.. George, better blast off!
Sure..? Dunno, you ask me who's the protagonist.
Oof, this argument is getting HOT.
Slipping through the halls, crashing to a wall.
Darkrai being sarcastic even though being dark type is the best thing, pretty dark 9/10
At least she didn't say, "Are we there yet?!"
Yeawch.. that's the plot the whole time.
Ho-Oh might have no chance against dragon types, as long as it has Punishment or Shadow Ball. (Yes, Ho-Oh can learn these)
Seems like he kept using the same tactic, and soon she'll learn to get through that.
So, the hero is dead?!
Welp, seems like things get more complicated.