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Well, neither that's a Fake Cry or real cry.
Well, that was escalated quickly.
Everytime when someone's can only be seen by the character but someone else doesn't.
Nice base, just make sure it's anti-fire.
Well, that was escalated quickly.
The last panel really hits the sarcasm, we should give Spade a fan (Literally).
How so? (>w>)?
Seems like she forgot all of the plan, at least she's having fun.. without him.
So.. this is definitely past. (Tale-a-ration).
Every. Trainer. Ever. (Except those who brings their Pokémon's through trading).
Well, sometimes things needs to change in sometime.
And the comic is back! Also that's what I call overprotective over brave ones.
Seems like you're going down below deeper.. darker.. cave!
So.. a guild team still hunting them down.. huh..
Sweet nights..
She forgots about it.. again.
Mystery fog cliches, yeah..