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Cute, but still serious things is happening..
Once again. Can't say it's back but it's pretty great so far. Keep it up!
Explosion, action! Woo!
Another villain? Boy sure, there are more villains than heroes..
Well, looks like type effectiveness same as the X/Y weakness chart.
Sure he missed Dragonthing which was taken by Team Rocket.
Then a fight happened.. again.
So cute, that I wanna hug him ^3^
I think Darkrai almost forgot about the has a little effect thing.
Looks like their power has returned, in a twisted way..
Atty is noice.
As soon as you don't know, Pinkeevee is having a birthday tomorrow, congratulations! ♪\|Π|^•^|/♪
Once again, another angry moments.
Deal with it, Gengar.
Unique names you got there.
Seems like everything goes back to normal, is it?
Well that's one ignorant friend, sure she got ideas.
Looks like it's his parents home.
Burrito for thoughts? Agree, of course.