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Hello my name is Andre, welcome to my profile. I'm just a Description 'v'
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    Jonathan I.
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Seems like a choice of evolution. >->
Immortality doesn't guarantee all of your body parts to still stick on you. (Basically decapitation can't kill you but suffers you)
Ooo.. the cure is a big change, eh?
Seems like he got his self-esteem lowered drastically. :/
And there goes the insomniac. :^
Everything explodes with Starlight. (Just kidding, not everything explodes)
Seems like ST enjoying his talk!
Looks like Team Rocket is fired up again!
Ooo.. so hasty! :^)
Oo.. Starlight gets a warning about perma-death!
Seems like someone got a love in first sight!
Huh, another Totodile. Hmm..
Seems like she really tries to keep it a great secret.
Seems like he's taking a pretty good sleep!
Seems like there are misunderstandings..
Wooloo's rolling intensifies.
Star is definitely a special one then.
Damn, this is so beautiful!
Seems like someone is drowning in the Tears! Somebody help them!