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Love Red alert 2 and it's sequel.
I am fan of RA character Yuri
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Send Message want to use it?
Pleas use it1 Use it....! Use anything you want! I want to do something for BTY !:D
And whut's up with our old friends? B, T,Y? Will they be also present all time in the plot?
Good see you together again...working on new stuff :)
I like the idea of Quagmire as Romanov...
Anyway Rob! Here is liknk to the folder with BTY banners..I talk with Bread about it:)
You should do advertisement poster hiuh!
Very happy about it!
Ha! Ha! I am happy about it boys...I have already 3 other banner projects but must work on it:)
I think RA2 comic was the best and most interesting
I am waiting....:)
Hey ! Talk wiyth Rob and make something new:)
To Bread...Breaddy ...bap ...ha ha
Why he must do it?
I know only ra 1 and ra 2.
Which C & C is it?
In my storry Yuri Prime was modified clon of changed Lenin's DNA..his clones were also based but not at his DNA .
He made new race...
Virus were rather kind of ...hmmm....real living amazones
The first..bigger heroes are better
Don't worry pixels don't matter:)
This guy was stuppid or what?:p
:0lol they could killed him?
In fact Yuri is like Lenin mixed with Rasputin and Saddan Husajn...woah
Yeee..Boris like Kabopoms
Yeeep boys!
That was good decision!
This comic rulez
Great stufff
It's very funny...:)
Love Yuri he is so cuuute