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September 17th, 2017
the birb look
Damn! Lilith's plan went so perfectly! They ended up losing a "soldier"!
She's alive!!! Save her!!! Quick!!! 0A0
@Tepig16: Here, have cats:
@Tepig16: Dude, you should have seen my Warriors/ Age of the Gray crossover fanart of teh Seraphs (Lucifer included)
There's no way "Starclan" (referring to Heaven)could have taken her soul. QAQ
Get her to a warmer place! Quick!!! 0A0
@MoxMox: This page gives me inspiration for a beautiful and sad....Age of the Gray/Warrior Cats fanart. Q-Q
Ice. Ice everywhere.
Kuro: Careful, brothers from Heaven. The deeper you go, the more dangerous the demons are....I know the feel....
Sachael feels his determination increasing!
Sach!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!
It gave me an idea for this animation meme:
And I have ideas for the characters I could use for this one....Example: Sachael (since this page is out), Lucifer....
This is insane. XD
Better Focus, Sash!!! (pokemon Reference. XD)
@Guest: Yeah, true.
@MoxMox: Well, same here. X)