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Hilda is certainly my favourite female boss.
A demon was here. I know it. We saw everything!
Frecklewing is now running with the Warriors fallen in battle.
I meant: Andrea is....(oh Lord, I hate to say that, it break my heart....) Andrea is dead....Or is she?
May Starclan have mercy on Frecklewing!
I love how you draw pokemon. You give them realistic looks and I like that. Keep up the good job! \o/
October 21st, 2017
Oiseau: Coucou coucou! Je suis là pour te piquer ton pin's!
He made me speechless.
This is the most beautiful speech I've ever read so far!
*internal screaming of excitement* Finally. He is here. Raphael is here....SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Brace yourselves.
He is coming.
I know what that quake means.
Guys, get ready for Raphael!
Another Angel on the way!
After reading such a masterpiece, I want to see more of it! This webcomic is lovely!
And the name choice.....Lazarus (my fave)is a perfect name. :3
Call me a Doctor!
To bring me back to life!

Last time I troll you @MoxMox
@arswiss: Dat music fits so perfectly!
@MoxMox: Got you again. XDDD
Quick call a Doctor! Erm erm....I mean....Raphael!
Demons. What "lovely" creatures they are. ^^
@MoxMox: Well, bad luck today. X) Next time will be your chance. XD
Coming back home! And go see....A real doctor. (wink wink Raphael)
September 17th, 2017
the birb look