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January 12th, 2018
@MoxMox: Genre, tu es dans un rêve, et là, tu te réveille....Ou alors tu rêves encore et c'est un rêve lucide. XDD
January 12th, 2018
ça, c'est du réveil!
I see Simon with the beginning of a beard!
Happy Holidays to you too. ^^
I believe in Raph! He can do it!
@Judas la Carotte: Je crois savoir maintenant. ;)
Pour aller où, Steve?
My condolences. Sorry for your loss. Q-Q
@whirlwyndblue: I love Hilda no matter her form.
This is interesting.
Welp, Hilda, seems like your style isn't pleasing to some people's eyes. X)
@whirlwyndblue: I had difficulties with Hilda and Bon Bon as my #1 girl. But now, both are #1. ^^
Where can you see Angels? Only in Kenya! Going to Kenya we've got Angels!
@whirlwyndblue: I love Baroness Von Bon Bon too. I plan to make a fancomic on her in my series "Seitchi in Inkwell".
@whirlwyndblue: I beat Hilda on Cuphead. Now I regret hurting her because I love her.
The battle begins!!! I can hear it!!! THAT OST!!!!
@whirlwyndblue: Threatenin' Zeppelin is in my Top5 best Cuphead OST behind Sugarland Shimmy, Die House and Floral Fury
@Judas la Carotte: Etquand je dis que ça devient croustillant, ça devient croustillant. ;)
ça devient croustillant
I'm hearing the jazzy tune from here.