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Rest in piece, great Deku Tree.
I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky!
Those wings are so fluffy!!!
Dat JoJo Pose!
Starlight is so pure and innocent! This is why I love her.
That moment is so precious!
I will probably make my Angel Sobroniel a fancharacter. :)
Validor is going to change everything in this story! I really like how the story goes so far!
Describing Diva's deal as a "Devil's Deal". That's true! Diva is like a wolf in sheep's clothing!
And for Misty, she really deserves to rest her mind. She earned it.
What is Diva plotting now?
@Ulta: Okay. I just thought.
I knew it. Misty wouldn't fall for Diva's lie. misty is too smart to fall for such a trap. But.....I was just thinking....Would Diva turn to Gyra next? I don't know.
Misty shouldn't do this. I smell a lie here. Oh I can smell it from afar.
Go for it, Benni!
I'm sure Benni's gonna help Tanya and Kaleb. I'm sure of it. In the next pages.
Someone save Tanya! QAQ
I'm crying right now! This is beautiful!!!
Raphael smiling is the cutest thing I have ever seen here! QvQ
Cette référence à Mario. XDDD
Bon sang, je l'ai devinée du permier coup en plus!
@Judas la Carotte: Le pauvre. XD Contrairement à d'autres....Enfin, je crois.