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ello me a stupid pepole
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wow i finally posted in forever well im not dead but i sorta got banned from the cumputer for a while but im back now with the non baning yay :D
virus eat hamster D:
virus: it was crunchy...
avi: you horrible borther i hate you
virus: *hits avi*
avi: *runs off crying to her mom*
well im sure he will be ok a nurse with a big rack is watchin over him ;D
well at least its a happy ending right..... ^-^'
i guess not
lol porno pronto well its ok her huge cleavage is supossed to be for calming patient's down and killing those with weak hearts
XD love the joke
snt helens: *off looking for a strip bar*
XD K.O.'d by the kitty he huggled
well at least theres a silver lineing he is now the first patient of the medical team
A-vi: oh no sailor boy D:
virus: *thinks: well i can get a blood and urine sample maybe a spinal fluid sample to*
i love my anti virus X3
March 22nd, 2009
ok i drew virus like crap recently DX but these are the things he usually wares
XD i feel bad for virus
virus: semen.... *shudder*
btw the medical team was not hired so yay saving of money!!!
well with all the deamons wall smashing hurting of others and chainsaw weilding zombies you'd suspect a doctor would be needed
ok so ididnt do this in color and this is actually a younger version of helens wehn she was blond..... only wearing princess warior out fit and if you cant read my crap hand writing ill be glad to translate
oh and she also wanted to kidnap thanos in this XD idk if story time theme is still on or not but i just wanted to post this
all she needs is some love
my voice: *try's huging her*
kyle: *glomps*
virus: i hate you already 2
hlens: yay human!!! *glomps*
why is there a dragon thingy behind him idk felt like drawing it or maybe its something else either way heres virus o.0 hes changed alot from a cingle cell on a patry dish to now o.O wow and um hes not gay straight asexual or bi since hes the only one of his species and um thats it i think o and um..... idk waht else to put here so um *throws choco at you and runs*
ello its soap here finally posting something for the first tim in ever so uh.... yeah helens having a wonderfull time in a day dream and thanos has to ruin it XD actually my freind did this last summer so it brings back odd memories thats the end of my ran so yay!!
June 23rd, 2008
i shall now mentally poke your brain
*pokes your brain mentally*
i dont mind if you make truffles a girl or boy but it would be weird since ive always thought of him as a boy and turning him into a girl would be like major shock iether way he/she is cute and i will still read your comic ^-^ cuz your icon and truffles both rule *try's doing the dance your icon is doing and fails*
oh god i remember wehn i lost my favorite mechanicle pencil i had a nerd breakdown i was crying in the middle of class XDDDD i so understand waht he feels stupid nerd inside me XDD
*loves up on issac* kwaiii so cute
kawaiii!!! hes so cute >.<
kyle: 0-0 *scared for life from walking in on the smex*
i suck i made helens look behlemic and like crap!!! DX
well i liked this and um... yes she and thanos were playing again thanos lost this time XD