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April 27th, 2018
Lmao so I have to hand draw things until I get a new laptop. It’s lit.
New Info
I changed a lot and am still changing idk
February 7th, 2018
Colored Pages?
I'm trying out some color this time!! It took me a bit but I think I might continue with the color because I think it's easier for me than working in gray. Also my style has once again changed, oops.
I'm so sorry for being so ugly omg. Senior year is fucking me straight up the ass and I hate myself. Also if you haven't already noticed I'm shit with backgrounds and stuff ahaha.
Aw, I'm glad youre enjoying it so far!! ♡
Another update? All on the same day? It's more likely than you think. ;)
Chapter Two
Yes, I know. What the heck dude? Yeah. In case no one read what I put up, this was originally on my instagram. Now I'm just drawing this comic on my phone. This was originally a side comic that I was doing to work on my time and then style, but I figured it would kill to post it here since I barely use this account. So yeah, bare with the shit if you want to or don't. Either way, I'll keep updating.