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Sometimes, I have lunch.
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They promised cookies and didn't deliver?! Savages!
*awkwardly pats head* There, there.
Look at that smirk in the last panel. XD
Have a Merry Christmas and/or other holiday of your preference! <3
Yeeees! Fight back, Sooch! <3
Levka's face in the third to last panel is utter gold. XD
December 11th, 2017
Invite him to the bed~
Someone is going to see a certain picture~
Oh heck yes! 10/10 on that entrance!
Soooo cute. And sweet. And right my gosh darn feels.
Take all the time you need. Mental health is vital. Be kind to yourself!
The care and keeping of drunk friends.
Bless you~
@sstogner1: 10/10
1. Idaho, USA
2. My biggest is Lalli/Emil from Stand Still Stay Silent. I'm split between sheith or klance 'cause they're both great (Voltron) lol. Scott/Crush from Crushed is a big one for me. Jaime/Brienne from Game of Thrones.
3. I dunno for Kylee. I can't think of anyone with enough spunk. I could see a younger Brad Pitt for Kim, though!
That's um.... that's a really good point. O-O
November 29th, 2017
Aren't you boys glad you moved? XD
November 26th, 2017
"Now I want spinach." Good boy, Crush! Making him eat his veggies. Look, you're good for him after all. XD
Forks are DEADLY.
We definitely know he's a good puppers, saving our ship like that. <3