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@kolbibeef: Very good point. Even if he did like (which I sure hope he did!!!) it's not like he would necessarily say "Oh, I guess I'm bi. No big deal. Are we dating now?" Boy's gotta process!
Haha he looks so out of it in the last panel. Someone had a great 'gasm. :)
I think someone is going to bottom more frequently :3
August 19th, 2017
Wooo, still the only Scott fan over here. ;^; He watches and understands Crush more than Reuben does imo. He's trying to change and be a better person. And you KNOW he'd be ecstatic to to tell everyone they were dating. Reuben wants to keep him a secret. :(
@AppleMunch: Haha I thought that too. XD
Saayi, I think your English has gotten even better. <3 I don't think I've seen any errors for a long time!
August 18th, 2017
@Yaa: Your English is very good! Why don't you do your own translation work? Is it just to save time for drawing or is there another reason?
I like where this is going. O3O
Until proven otherwise, I'm going to assume he really did like the kiss but doesn't know how to handle it. XD
Lol!! That's right! You left poor Alex to fight through the evils of calculus on his own! Reflect on your sins. XD
Mother of frick. Just found this comic and yas pls~
@inuyashagrl23: Sometimes people tear up during sex. I do. It's not 'cause it's bad or hurts or anything. It's a feeling of release. It's just tears not crying.
"I'm sorry, need a breath mint." That's what he's going to say, right? Right??
Taavi, I need to borrow your shampoo. <3
@Tolazytomakeaacount: I don't *think* he's crying so much as tearing up from the release/intensity. At the least, I've done that during sex (sorry for tmi lol).
I side with Scott. (Not that we need to pick sides lol) If he knew he was hurting Crush, he would stop IMMEDIATELY. He keeps asking Crush to communicate his needs, and he just tries to keep guessing. He absolutely cares. He's also the only character trying to actively improve himself rather than just hoping to endure a bad situation.
Lol he's in the bathroom, maybe don't ask him to come back to the classroom? XD Do you really want an update on what he's doing? Best case scenario he's going to describe constipation!! XD
I think it's sweet and sad. He's so close in so many ways but he still can't actually tell Crush he loves him.