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Hey I'm Lulu :>
I love reading comics, hopefully one day i'llyynx be able to post a comic of my own :"D

One day.
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Gotta go fast!
Someone had to say it XD
Omfg X"D welp they're ded now
Oh i get it now, poor maru xc
@UmiKit: i cant unsee @ ^ @
Holy are those butterfly babies? :0
Or just wild pokemon
Aw she looked so happy when she/he joined her. Only to get betrayed XD
Love the art, although did they hit him, or did he bite someone? :0 guess I'll find out later >○<
I get a feeling Joakim is gonna end up stealing all the guys from her oml X"D
The feels are hitting me bad Q.Q
Love how they evolve, and the ratata is just there XP
Still cute though
Re-reading it while I wait for the next page, woah you've improved alot :O
Even though your art was already awesome at that point
Your art style is nice :0
Already know I'm gonna like it
I enjoyed reading it alot, it had humour and was very interesting. It was a nice read :D
That's a way to leave us in the cliffhangers ;p
Holly :0
"Minor detail" ;^;
That one fox on the background getting beat XD
Lol, so im guessing they were supposed to save the wolf that Thunderfang found dead?
(He had the same thunder marking?)
He's to tiny :<