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PKMN Undertale Theory
Myu is Chara Confirmed
September 15th, 2019
No, don’t touch soft boi
Crys.exe has stopped responding
Chaz sound like endeavor from bnha XD
Ahhh, this battle artwork looks so good!

Also Gold please don’t lose control and hurt Crys 🙏
El Question
I’ve always been wondering a little bit about this part so here’s a lengthy question....

Celebi is the Pokémon of time and based off these panels here, it’s to be assumed that it lapsed time to bring back Gold’s Pokemon, Crystal, and Red. Here’s where the question is, did Celebi bring them back separately from different time periods, or did it set the time back to one time period?

If It brought them from back separately it would make sense since Red died way before Crys, her Pokémon and Gold’s Pokémon died. I would think that would cause some problems in time and space dimensions but that’s for palkia and dialga to figure out!

Yet if celebi set it back to two years ago, before Red died but had them in this time period, would all the Pokemon that died be revived. Mostly likely it was the first one since we see Red at Mon’s grave in Emerald but we never really got an answer to it?
The old comic picture brought back so many memories!
I will protect Marc with my life now cause he’s a cinnamon roll XD
That symbol reminds me of the game Okami
Well that’s one way to say hello
I bet 20 bucks on Des
Is Eevee T-posing? XD
Did The rocks just fall on Crys?

Also where’s a repel when you need it? Just spray one on Wally! [Do not try at home]
Well that escalated fast
Gold just calm down bro!
Whole city lights bonfires hm? What could possibly go wrong
Lem has crippling depression confirmed
I imagine Topaz using Aura sphere and has a troll face on XD