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That symbol reminds me of the game Okami
Well that’s one way to say hello
I bet 20 bucks on Des
Is Eevee T-posing? XD
Did The rocks just fall on Crys?

Also where’s a repel when you need it? Just spray one on Wally! [Do not try at home]
Well that escalated fast
Gold just calm down bro!
Whole city lights bonfires hm? What could possibly go wrong
Lem has crippling depression confirmed
I imagine Topaz using Aura sphere and has a troll face on XD
I wonder why Rowan is here. Maybe a *wink* Double Platinum Nuzlocke? *wink*
@Silver Eevee: oh, well its still adorable!
Is that and eevee in the first panel? if so it’s adorable!
@lulueeveee11: I forgot also so I call him leaf head XD
Love this comic already!
I been following for the whole emerald journey

You my dude need a break
Arcanine’s face on the fourth panel is priceless
If this ends soon we shippers need a platinum Nuzlocke
Infernape has an apartment in the pc?
@Darvin: *finishes sentence* THE PURRLION