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Hi everyone, thank you for reading this and also for reading my webcomic (if you've gotten around it it yet.) I'm 25, and currently teaching English in a japanese high school. I like writing and drawing and comics are a good mix of the two, although my drawing still needs some work.
i love the kitty collar with the bell, so cute
love the bio, haha his dads a german shepperd, tough break!
looks good so far. interested to know why the clone waking up dooms everyone. oooh the suspense!
oh, the dude in the white coat is a dudette? might want to make that a bit clearer.
i really like the top pic here, it must have taken you ages. theres so much going on. nice one.
some nice drawings, especially the hand on this page. but i really have no idea whats going on in your comic so far sorry >.<
its a good start, i like the effect you get from scrowling down.
awww that poor postit

(why am i sympathising with a postit note, hmmm)
This starts well and then gets progressivly worse :( still felt it was an improvment on what's come before, so yay for that!
I don't really like this one very much and will probably do a rewrte at some point.

Normally I have dynamic backgrounds and try to have my charecters moving as much as possible (which takes ages) so in this one I wanted to try having a static background for all the pannels...It obviously didn't work :( (nor stay static d'oh!)
too cute! i love the fact the cute little bear hates hugs, such a good idea!
That was the end of the first story. sorry it took me....six months to post the last pannel *whistles*
yeah, theres not so much a gag here, the epponomouse one was thrown in off handedly, i really just thought being dragged down a toilet would be a really gross way to go and so i went with that.
I'm sure I could have come up with a better acronym then "Awash With Old Ladies" and do apologise. All suggestions on what would have been better welcome.
Some of you, on reading the title of this page (if you got that far) might be asking what a 'Pocari' is. As I know many people on this site have a borderline unhealthy interest with Japan might be aware of the Japanese sports drink with the same name. Ah-ha, mere coinidence? i think no! look here for the answer young padowan.
It was around here that I felt things started to pick up in the comic. The charecter design was pretty much established and I finally realised that the borders were sucky.

Incedently this was also the first comic I came up with which might explain why the gag is slightly better then the previouse ones.

My approach to story telling is to have a coehirent and mindly amusing narration as opposed to unnconected one off jokes so I hope that is working by now.
This is the first strip that features all of the charecters. I was conciouse of the fact that I hadn't really named them before this point so the goal of the strip was to establish that. For more details on the charecters please check the newly updated 'Charecters' tab.
nothing since december 11th? this is good, looking forward to more.
i really like this idea, it adds a whole new spin to the grim reaper. plus the buracracy of a form with tick boxes is very ironic. really like it :D