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I'm Noa and I'm just here for a laff
(He/Him/Himself, Gay, 26)

"you look like someone who does all sorts of stupid and gay shit." - Anon, 2019

I'm a retail bastard by day, leftist bottom meme by night. I like comics, cartoons and video games!
My mother tongue is French (Canadian) but I speak English and Spanish too!
I've got the twitter @ toolbarz
come tumble at me @ okcola

BORN TO HUG / WORLD IS A FRIEND / Love Em All 1989 / I am nice man / 410,757,864,530 GOOD PALS
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@TheNyborg: he's very subtle with his machinations, you see...
@Arcane Allusion: the scenery: chewed beyond all belief
@Merrsharr: absolutely incapable of not being flagrant for like... 5 minutes lmao
@Belgische Aardappel: poor dear has issues speaking out sometimes, and Ari is very much the Dude That Needs A Hint :')
@Xabel Mind: he is literally never extra
Look at those Dumb Bitch Mathematics...
He lives for meddling with Jimmy's affairs and that's how he is.

(if ever the english in the comic is bad and should be fixed please let me know! I think I have a pretty good grasp on the language but sometimes the Francophone Jumps Out and what I thought made sense... does not!)
@Arcane Allusion:
I kinda want a tiniest peanut gallery to commentate my daily life tbh.
@Xabel Mind: Thank you so much! I'm trying to get better as I go along so I'm glad the practice is paying off!
I'm not gonna lie the tiniest peanut gallery over there may be my favourite thing I've ever drawn
Oh nelly, I can't even imagine 200 chicken nuggets, let alone 200 people reading this comic!
thank you so much!!

<s>ari got a table at the cheesecake factory this time!</s>
he knows how to handle that dear sweet rat boy, thank goodness.
a little bitch, easily distracted by cute dudes.
@Xabel Mind: with those two? it might as well be tbh
Thursday Schedule: Irish Cinema, Research Methods, NERD FIGHT, Advanced Cinematographic Theory.
Chapter 2: coming soon to a comic near you
@womp: thank you so much, I'm so glad you're enjoying this so far!
fucking OWNED by feelings

and that's your chapter 1 kids!
@Dannycantread: *smacks them together like wee action figures* BOND! BOOOOND!
@The_Boss: and what a bomb it is! yikes!