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I'm here to read comics and make them.
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    Tar Sar
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Might want to check your privilege, buddy.
Hannibal; cannibal and hardcore Troll.
As of posting it has hit 70%"
boney echo butt xD
@BlueberryJester: smells like tuna jelly sammich lol
@Guest: You're too kind.. only a shame the world prefers adaptations and spinoffs these days verses new content. when it gets down to it everyone wants to stay in their comfort zone instead of take risks on the dark horse in the race (I think the saying goes.) I'll also say It a thousand times over, the comic would not have been possible without the soft support of my dearest friends. Their work is also available on Smackjeeves (in my recommendations and faves.)
I totally did NOT throw in a long expired 90's video game cartoon reference
FOOLISH MORTAL! Flowey Is always right.
uwaa cute blep, panel #3
Whoooa, damn dat look spells trouble!
@Okaun: Trust me, the reckonings a comin'.
so cute!!
you're as cold as iiiiice~
cleanup on the dance floor.. and by that I mean grillby's ashes
@Naokii Fires: doc's a cultured monster
Growth spurts, am I right?
look what you did, Papyrus :T
uwaa cameos, suspense, drama- it has it all :3
that tail wag, boi you precious