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I'm here to read comics and make them.
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@Okaun: get in line >:3c grillby seems to be on everyone's hitlist
Shot down in their prime
uwaa >//< judgie jazzy
eye see what you did in the last panel >:3
subtle she is not.
@Guest: xD haha indeed, it's a thankless sort of job.
@NoodlesNZ: yeeeup
the last panel nobody asked for.
*STANDING OVATION! OH. MY. GOSH. THAT ENDING! I love how everything came full circle in the epilogue, so many stories tend to forget that they end wherin they start. You know you've found something good when you can not only see the shiny marbled floors but smell the incensed chapel, hear Claude's haunting footsteps, and feel the fabric of his robes under your fingers. His voice said every line. Quasi's ending made me tear up, that precious soul ;w; aye, the world didn't ever deserve him. Esmeralda's brother had me laughing to no end- not just his dialogue but the expressions killed me. Things one would expect from the original baseline were cut and your spins kept me guessing and on the end of my chair. Alas, Claude and Esmeralda's story arc concludes and already I miss them, dear comic ka. Thank you, thank for this priceless treasure. The journey was a dark delight. I don't know how you'll top this, but pray It's not the last piece you'll make here on smackjeeves? You are an inspiration and now I'm feeling fired up to continue with new ideas and push it to the limit. From one creator to another:
"Dayum, how'd you make Claude so Sexy!!"
smooth landing.
Sans can't deal and sibs growing apart is always sad.
Papy, all the no.
10 floweys in total, counting the freebie :3
hint#2: camouflage
hint#1: floweys like to hide in tall grass
@NoodlesNZ: you're close
Mind your counting, Flowey is known to wander mwahaha!
maid/apprentice what's the difference XD