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I'm here to read comics.
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    Tar Sar
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pfff vampire luxury slut XD haha!
the sag of defeat pff
@Moe-Machine: Grammar takes a back seat to good story, whoo!
"what are thooooose!"
Gus, you got some serious cajones.
Your adaptation has been a delight to read. The expressions are priceless and your take on the characters, the world and dialogue is just beautiful may I say. Fallen in love with the story all over again, bless you.
And wow, WHOA! Where did all ya'll come from!? Thank you jeevers for the hits and faves >///<
still alive :D
Flowey, look what you did, pfff
papyrus expression gives me life! I laughed loud enough to spook the cat XD lol dangit Sans!
dun sweat it saz, happens to the best of us *pat pat* that sudden whine gots me the shivers owo;
@Pharaoh_Yami: xD IKR he's such a sour puss.
flowey <3 Gloopster so cute oms
Atty made it rain, pfff
Smart puppers <3
NOW its a fair fight. GET HIM!
Teacup Dadster <3