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I'm here to read comics and make them.
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MTT Headlines: Powdered wig makes Royal look like Demon Poodle
Always be polite even when lynching a turtle (or tortoise in this case.) Wonder why Paps settled with sans? Hmmmm, the plot thickens like soup of chicken
oms blueb you got the rp on the cover, i'm screamin
doc is such a nerd
I've heard of a pinky ring- but a necklace?
hang in there, froggy
when you just wanna hold hands
but Gaster is ALWAYS right
bit off more than he could chew
tube babies first smile in panel 2
read from red to grey
player two enters the game
sansy will maul his ankle off, dare you disagree
with family like this..
that's not how you say hello, atty x'3
whoops, mama shark aint havin it
defeated by a smooch attack
echo flower nightlights would be so cool
you thought this was a normal page, but it was I-