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I'm here to read comics.
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Ohhh the antici… pation.
aaaaaaaaaah,phoebus no, bad!
very very interesting development
No one in this AU is safe.
daw he just wants to pway!
Even knowing this could happen, still shocked.
Flowey joins your Party, I can’t see anything going wrong. Famous last words…
Since I’m going to be crazy busy the first week of November, pages will slow way, waaay down. No, the chapter isn’t over we’re taking a detour to Debts Aftermath then Story Time with Flowey. Hurray!
these precious dorks xD
welp he a dead man lol
@UnidentifiedWOOF: ShArPeN tHe PiTcHfOrKs
pfff vampire luxury slut XD haha!
the sag of defeat pff
@Moe-Machine: Grammar takes a back seat to good story, whoo!
"what are thooooose!"
Gus, you got some serious cajones.
Your adaptation has been a delight to read. The expressions are priceless and your take on the characters, the world and dialogue is just beautiful may I say. Fallen in love with the story all over again, bless you.
And wow, WHOA! Where did all ya'll come from!? Thank you jeevers for the hits and faves >///<
still alive :D