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this is SO pretty!!!
September 18th, 2019
just to let you know ive uploaded on my deviant art (spacedoe)! i will still upload here but will take a little longer
September 9th, 2019
hi! it should be no more than a month, most likely less. thank you for enjoying! and i apologise for lack of updates
i can imagine how much fear they'd be feeling :((
@mindcat: thank you so much!!
wow the backgrounds on this one are especially beautiful!
just a fyi i don't really pay attention to smackjeeves that much, for updates on why im so slow with updates currently please check out my deviantart (spacedoe)
hes very handsome but i would like to shake him
bro dont do this to me
@k-la-kinz69: the weather outside the window and time of day changes too
goblins back
the pig looks so bad in this page i
Sorry pages have been coming up so infrequently :( I might take a short break after this chapter, but we will see!
pig forgive
im very sick right now, sorry if updates slow down
im not 100% happy with this page, but I redid it too many times for my own good
best bros charge at giant pigs together
these two guys were seen previously at the start of chapter 4

Ruen (Purple eyes) belongs to azurixs on dA!
@TinyTiger: fun fact i wrote the eeeeee as a joke when i started this page, and i didn't realise i had accidently merged it with the lineart layer until way too late to fix it
A few characters in the background belong to azurixs on dA !
@YolkenEgg: i don't think he'll ever be ready to hear 'long live the king' whispered ominously into his ear