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You're not almost there you're... Always there~! *BADUM TSSSSS*
1. I'm from Québec in Canada~!
2. eh... I would say... Kagehina, Victuuri and Destiel...
3. Jensen Ackles for Kim because oh god
Don't cockblock to consenting people...

And your cousin drunk is at the same time pathetic and adorable.... Don't let him drink as much anymore XD
*take a bat with spikes on it* What is your address, sweetie~? Just going to see Natei's father~!
Ellie... You're so oblivious sometimes...
....natei kinda look like my cat... If you come too near, she'll bite... Except with some people... Oh and she doesn't like being with a lot of people in the same room, she becomes nervous
Hey, do you know about Hamilton ?

Eeeeeeeeh... I dont know why, but un my headcanon, Eli can speak french, so yeah XD

And the question that I have for everyone in this comic (except Nat's dad, he's a jerk, frick that guy) how can you have such beautiful hair ?! Like... Raaaaah
This is the Internet, an even hellish place then hell
November 18th, 2017
"The gays are being troublesome again ?" I love him
Yes, I am fangirling right now, but am I the only one who is jealous of your hability to draw hears ?!
November 14th, 2017
...Is he... Trying to subtly protect him from Andrew...?
(I don't speak English a lot in my everyday life so I'm still chocked every time that people censor others for swearing XD so is saying heck okay...? XD)
Because, we, as human, care a lot about sex. And seeing an naked person can traumatized some people... Others questions, demon ?
Shy turtle, cute turtle
It looks like wings made of flowers~!
I need this drawing in my room... And I have two question...
The first one is more of a dispute that I have with my friend, so you don't have to answer (you don't Have to answer all the time, but still, you understand) so, do you think that photography is an art ?
Oh, and, my question... What passion you about Egypt mythology ? Why not Greek or Roman ? (It isn't an attack, I'm just really curious !)
Anyway, that's if
Joa calm down
His eyeeeees~!
September 29th, 2017
I literally screamed when I saw this