Doesn't draw enough. ):
October 26th, 2009
Remind me never to use the upload multiple comics function ever again. Orz

Anyway, four page update. There should be more... Sometime. Soon. Uh, I guess.

Though the flow/panelling, perspective, anatomy, proportions, and general overall probably sucks something major.
October 25th, 2009
Lol perspective.
I think everyone can tell by now that I have no idea what I'm doing.

Also, does it bother you guys that it seems like I don't reply to your comments? ): I want to, and I appreciate all your compliments, but I don't know the best way to do it on here and editing the author's comments is kind of weird for me... XD;

I'm sorry!
October 18th, 2009
My style changed a little. Now Sharde's all girly. Orz Sorry for the long lack of updates.

On another note. At least he's willing to pay 500 mill. The church would have sold Kanasaki for a dollar.
August 25th, 2009
katiejuby -

:'D SM can stand for servant/master, or sadist and masochist.
* 3*b
August 12th, 2009

Orz; Lol, I should have uploaded this page right after the last, since it's so simple. But I really have a problem with drawing facial expressions and SDs. LOL;;

I-I'm sure you can tell. Orz;

Vixi - :'D Correct you are~
August 3rd, 2009
I'm planning on making a better planned out comic with my friend.. Based on Ragnarok Online.

So updates to tG.E won't happen everyday anymore, not like how it's been for the past few days. =X

And..~ It might just end up updating either once a week, or bi-monthly. D; Since I realize how hard I crashed and burned due to lack of planning on this one.

But in any case. I don't really like this page :'D... /SHOT
August 2nd, 2009
Comment Replies
Vixi - Thank you. > w<;; I'm actually not really used to drawing this kind of expression. =X

Zombiecakes - Ah..~ You're the co-author of Rain Dance~! :'D I love your art!
August 2nd, 2009
Ugh.. I have to either delete the prologue or redo it entirely. p___p
August 2nd, 2009


Vixi - p__p Haha... Kanasaki's mindless rambling.;

I LOVE YOUR LINES MORE. p Ap I wish I can get my art to look as clean and fluid as your pages. Q ^Q <3

Moose-kun - :'D WHERE AND WH-- /SHOT
That blue tint is amazing. *___*

The hand drawings.. Make me so happy. :'D I'm glad I checked this one out. <3

Poor little guy. Q ^Q!
First chapter...~
Finally got the annoying prologue out of the way. Orz; Which, at the moment, seems entirely pointless to start from.

I actually shouldn't have started there. Orz; It shows how much I rushed it... hahaha. /SOBS

But anyway. Now I can get onto the real settings and characters. p Ap

Also, have I not mentioned his name yet in the past five pages? XD

His name is Kanasaki.
July 30th, 2009
Let's try this again... :'D

Prologue's pretty short. It's my excuse for not starting with a cover page. >__>;