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I love dogs, art and comics.
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I could honestly tally up so much bad stuff that happens to tgis kid and itd probably be longer than a harry potter book. LOL!! Nice man!
Damn, is it me, or does this kid have the worst luck of all time. He goes on a journey, in the middle of no where, finds a spirit, gets taughted by his old heart, now he's hungry?! I mean, and am I by my self on this?
These two are so cute! A lot better than that girl i think hes supposed to marry? I dont remember. Sorry i try to keep up.
Not even going to follow him? Forget it, it was a sad one. I'll bite.
Sigh! What are the odds of escaping that shit without anyone following you! Cool story.
Great parenting. LOL!
September 16th, 2017
Sorry it took me weeks to upload. I had to find a better software to do my comic. The one I was using wasn't doing it for me.