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Lv.60 Noctowl
i like pokemon and Steven Universe, im getting into drawing but i still have to learn though i hope that when my first comic comes out that you like it but meanwhile you'll have to wait.
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    Eduardo III Aguilar
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It just so happens i have a friend called Edgar
@RazorD9: Ha this comment was freaking hilarious!
Man that homeless-looking child ,"bart" was it?, is so cute and cool at the same time? I dont know how to explain it
Well at least these guys are smart
You? HA A low ranking ruby? Well atleast let something accompany you
Steven, what are you doing? Don't get to trusty on the plot shield, it doesn't always protect from harm.
@DirectorHachi: How is this July fools if its the 22nd?
Wow Ruby, calm down! You literallly tried to break the 4th dimension and exceed the page borders!
Sorry Garnet, you're late to the party!
Nice this one came out faster! Keep it up!
wait wha?
Who put her up here and why does it look like she is going to punch her? i'm probably getting things wrong in my head.
A corrupted bee gem monster left the sticky honey there? Or Is my imagination just big?
I suppose the gem will explode from eating that
Guys this is canon up till catch and release so steven hasn't met army yet
Alright i realized my comment in the last page was rude i apologize
@slaybay: No thats not what happened he never turned into another species he always has been a gem im here to prove it!

Since kevin first appeared in alone together we see his body is purple colored and in this show the only species to be a different color than black or white are the gems and also since kevin meet them when they were fused he could see the quartz gem and... damn where did my matpat powers go urghh
Hey 2 questions
1) Hasn't steven learned the jump thing yet? And another thing will peridot learn to use her hidden metallic powers?
@LilBruno: right i could have obtained that badge with a charmander only
Steven put your new shirt on!