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super BOX
In short I am a floundering High School student, who has been drawing completely vapid drama-fluff forever and a day.

I want to get serious and drop the whole 'manga' guise, when I get out into the grown-up world. Become and illustrator for children's books, settle down with a husband and some kids, head to Vermont, you know the drill

I like to be sarcastic, but it has a tendency to land me in heavy shit. Tone being lost in letters, and all...

I am very inconsistent with my work/style/genre/mood. So anything I dish out has the potential to become a nonsensical rollercoaster.

Feedback is welcomed, yadayadayada.

-Janelle the un-super BOX
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Shitty lil' ditty to say I love all of you
Next page = my favorite character
I am sorry, Angels, sorry-so

I know I said a good update but I never inked the next two pages.

Pathological lying look where it gets you.

sosososososo happy to see you.

I am late, late.. for a very important date.

Leaving for Spain, eight days; if you never see an update again I died.
super BOX
February 18th, 2008
Panel *counts* ..6? IS AMAZING.
Well I'm sure it likes you very much too.
Hahaha WTF Mondays
A filler for now guys D': sorry, I'll get something substancial up soon..

So a kind of vauge idea of what the future holds for our dear Napolean. Lot's of noise, hmm?

PS; Oni-bu, Fox_child, Myshkin, messy_kin2u, and cold_turkey, you are my sister(s/brothersss) I love you, warmest safest bear!
Ah I love what an suffering artist Camilo is, with his piano, and his mole, and his dark-brooding-room filled with malice, and woesome uncertainty. heheheh
;_; you guUuys make me so happy.
Sorry it took forever, and a day you guys. And an official welcome to sharkbaby, Panther385,REPL!CA, rubia_flame, and twelveOtwelve. Salude. (I take this seriously >B[ like serious business. )

Silliest page so far. I am trying to keep everything consistant here but any crits feel free to email me : Oh, regular comments are good too.
T_T and OUR FA-MI-LY grows

PS: Update tom.
Badonka-donk-donk! Elliot is adorable.

Haha ignore all those little flaws because this is so a suprise update!

We celebrate the two new comrades; faintsnowman and ZOMPOCALYPSE.
Aw that sunk my Syris/Sea-Dead-Slave-Woman boat. ( It was a small, impracticle boat Y_Y)
That bike was death incarnate.

Please note the light drawings on those two... What could they have been up to last night? Ohohoho boys will be boys. (PS. no it's not a BL comic -unfortunately)

Do you know what irony is, class?
Because they never turn with "They year I turned sixteen"

Alright, so despite the name there will be no actual accident in this chapter. But I liked it anyway.