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Sorry if the blood and such freaked anybody...

Also, it is literally impossible to make a serious scene featuring a Team Galactic grunt.

EDIT: The piplup got taken out by a lucky critical hit. Stein got poisoned at the same time. He still slaughtered them, and didn't have to stop to heal, either!

Poor piplup. =|
He fought bravely. He'll be missed.

And that scyther is a monster. In my Soul Silver run, it got two crits in a row. If I hadn't been using a geodude...
So yeah.
Not dead!

It just, you know, took me two months longer then I expected to get back to the comic.
In the interest of full disclosure, here's the log I kept from the fight. Note that I only keep logs for important battles, such as gym leaders, rivals and friggin' Cyrus.

Roark sent out Geodude
Kiana sent out Stein
Stein used Razor Leaf (OHKO'd Geodude)
Roark sent out Onyx (Stein didn't switch out)
Stein used Razor Leaf
Onyx used Stealth Rock
Roark used Potion
Stein used Razor Leaf (KO'd Onyx)
Roark sent out Cranidos (Stein didn't switch out)
Cranidos used Leer
Stein used Razor Leaf (Cranidos survived with 1 HP)
Cranidos used Headbutt (CRITICAL HIT! Stein has 6 HP)
Stein used Razor Leaf (KO'd Cranidos)

And no, I didn't use a Retry. I just wanted a bit of a cliff hanger. =P
C'mon. Stein's a little tank.
Next time: Twenty minutes of kiai shouts and grunting, plus two minutes of fighting!

EDIT: Oh, yeah. Full party. Yay.
Why you little...
I can't help but love Sparks, even when he's being a little smart ass.

I've since gotten over missing that abra. Though the lack of a psychic type was a real pain for a while.

...And I know the last panel is a bit too 'busy', but I'm too tired to do a complete job on the background.
@Andrea C.Castro: While I thank you for the interest in my comic, I have no interest in reading yours.
Sparks Don't Take Shit
Yeah, they spent a while using Leer on each other...

And then Sparks got a critical Tackle. X3
Well, this is off to an odd but amusing start.
Those eyebrows are a character of their own.
Yes, this actually happened. Insert face palm here.
You know how your rival ALWAYS challenges you to a fight right after you get your starter? I always saw that as a sign of mental illness.
I really think I have a complexity addiction.
Why, yes, I DO believe she changed species and age.

And she's so friggin' adorable. X3
I completely agree on the day-late thing. Valentine's day? Pfft, no date. Day after? All the chocolate my brain can handle and more. X3
Hehe, getting a little out of hand for the ninja? X3
Assassin girl to the (sort of) rescue!
I think Joey lets people know just so he has an excuse to kill them... Not really, but it would explain it.

Since Joey seems to tell EVERY person he has contact with about it. Heck, he even mentions it in front of Leonest. (Who 'finds out' later and is grumpy about Joey keeping a secret? Just wanted to point that out, LoP.)

Anyway, I wuvvles the comic. ^^ I'm so tempted to steal give Leonest a big hug... but he's as spiky, so that would hurt. >.>
Who're Sam's friends/co-workers? They're cute. Can I steal the freckly one? <3
I love the allusion of Joey taking the cheese right out of a trap. So neat! ^^