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D: Durrrrrrr~~~~

I like robots and stuff ):

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D: I kind of find this comic really amazing.
D: I love your panel layout and angles D: and colours D:
I feel sadness in my heart now D:

I will wait for your epic and beautiful return!
I love the textures sooo much! and the minimal colours! <3
Oh man, this is getting trippy! And so psycologically awesome! Bloody brilliant!
I just got through the first chapter and I totally loved it! I love your style so much!!
So beautiful!
Your charcter designs, colour and line work are so amazing! I cant wait to see where this story will go!
October 15th, 2008
I can't stop my self from laughing at this page XD

Lovely style!
I just started reading this comic today, I have to say, I'M IN LOVE XD

Keep up the awesome work!
Why is this comic so bloody brilliant?? I just read the whole thing last night, and then I re-read it again today and I'm bloody HOOKED!
D: You are so good at story telling and characterization! All of your characters are so amazing!! And your humor its so b-b-beautiful! D:
ffffffff D: So Beautiful....
I really love your style! D:
An engaging and visually appealing comic, I must say!
I can't wait to see what happens next!