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Okay, I left the old profile there 'cause I just couldn't be bothered thinking what to do with it or what...
Anyway, I love GAL, cars, reading, dancing, singing, food, a lot of stuff and I have zilch idea who I am. (Though there are few very clear labels I can put on myself: INTx, ♊, Asp. Syn... that's it so far. Not much, huh?)


a living puppy
A+ (and I love blood-)
number 22

I like games, respectively, creating games.. I dont really play them. But I also enjoy watchinh people playing them! o^_____^o Food and whatever. Well, comics, obviously. I like to draw right on the internet, yup. And a LOOOOT of fandoms.
Currently: South Park old episodes, Oglaf, Yu-Gi-Oh!, visual novels, tomboyish, deliqentish clothing, secretly cooking, writting, songs with good lyrics, night-time, analysing.
Oh, non-currently: slash, slash.
Thats something Im bound to like. "-__-

I ONLY TRULY HATE SUN!! And censorship, yup, yup. Theres nothing worse than ban coming from protecting mental posessions and childern rights. XD Of coarse, the web-based drug dealers happily live on. Not that I wouldnt want them to.

(as "Adhuin")
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yay..! none kills granny!!
The best. Page. Ever. I so knew it was coming. XD

- - - -
See, little wolves? - It's good to be honest.

And she basically wears my outfit! XD
lost some time ago...
I lost them too... Unfortunately, I don't know which I've lost, since I got some years left. It's one big confusion. -- Sorry, have no age to spare. Actually, if anyone gave away old 14-16 for free, I'd be happy. Especially if it came with papers. *Please*? I'm kind of in need!

OR, if you found a damaged age and you think it's mine, please CONTACT ME!!
July 25th, 2012
So far
Thank you so much for your hard work, this piece is greatly enjoyable; I can hardly wait till next update! =^-^= Nice...
I think your style is incredibly adorable! Ill be happy when the next ones out.