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March 28th, 2019
What comes next?
This very vaguely reminds me of the situation in the book "The Road." They have to move to a place that is warm year around or deal with the harsh cold. But once they venture out.. who knows what's waiting for them.
I love granny and would love to see a short story about her when she was younger. I mean...throwing knifes. She's so badass.
I love them. This is how it is with my older brother.
I really loved this story but I understand how you feel. I used to write stories that I hated and people seemed to like them but they didn't feel like me. I felt like I could do better. Thank you for explaining. Please post on here if you're going to start another series because I really do enjoy your art. Oh and just a suggestion, some of my other favorite artists find that they don't like where their story is going so they end that one and start fresh with a new series but keep all the same characters.
Esther is a cutie. I love her.
Love this series
I know it's been two years but will there be some sort of ending. I just found this series and love it.
Love this but...
Which sexuality does this flag represent? Or is it just a joke saying it's not anyone's business and the colors don't represent anything.
Aw. Poor bunny. Those droopy ears though.
I almost never comment but I just had to when I saw the birth giver name. I also named my mom birth giver on my phone. 😁