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Hii....I'm new heree! I enjoy kirby and naturally I'll make kirby comics, yeahhH!
Idk how often i'll make any...but hopefully it is often enough to keep people entertaiiiined!
Thanks for stopping by!
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Sorry my page is kind of last minute! Matthew transforms, leaving Stella very confused, because she was not paying much attention during his introduction... She has a tendency to get lost in thought!
Ok.. Since you're in the discord then, how about we discuss there? It's faster and easier than comments.
@BestBuilder101: I have PM'd you about this matter a couple days ago, on SJ! Please respond there!
Stella makes her introductionnn!
She slept through most of the intros...but she'll try her best to stay awake through the rest! She doesn't want to miss anymore info...

Sorry for the late page, kinda last minute, haha!
Heyy! Stella's sprites are up noww! Sorry for the delay, I was late making a bio...
Not every sprite has the spots on her hat, fyi! Please make sure the spots are there when using a sprite! You may ask me to add them on a specific sprite(s) if you'd likee!
@BestBuilder101: Whaaat top hat? You had a top hat? I wonder how I was supposed to add that on...?
Stella is rudely awokennn... But at least now she can head to the Cross Association... As soon as this new guy gets up..?
Sorry for the wait!!! Here is my new page that is not toooo eventful !
That's because Stella is asleep ! Will she be woken up ??
A new face is hereee !
Hehe, this is Stella ! She has a tendency to fall asleep wherever she might beeee, even if it's a hassle !
Also.. ... she might have bad self esteeeeem.. . ..

Glad to be here ! :D