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Reading, script writing, literature, books.
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Missed you ♥️ Glad you’re back
April 26th, 2019
Harvey’s excited expression is literally all of us
He’s really gonna tie him to the bed, huh? I’m ready.
March 29th, 2019
Welp time for me to join Patreon.
Omg here we go.
Your style is so amazing. I’m honestly so taken back by it
YAAAAAAY storytime
I feel like somehow he’s still gonna get caught and get blamed for this anyway
January 24th, 2019
Omg this is so hilarious
Kenneth’s face 😂
Damn Kenneth is gonna kill this poor guy
Um. Yes Kenneth. Plz continue wtf.
Oh my god yes.
It’s beautiful :)
Ooo they live in the same building 😏
That actually makes sense. I just believed he was a handyman lol
Okay thank you for this. God bless.