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Hey! I'm Roe! I might introduce myself as Rowen or Rose but I usually go by Ro (or a variation of it) for short. It's gonna take a lot of time to tell you about myself to an appropriate extent and with proper management of time, so unless there is a mutual interest in pursuing a possible friendship then I'll probably just be reading webcomics while I make my own ones. It shouldn't be too hard to get my attention, but it's definitely easier to get my attention via DM's like tumblr or twitter so maybe check those if it's more urgent(?).

Please feel free to email me at anytime and I will try my best to respond within the following day(s). This of course is susceptible to change pertaining to any unforeseen and/or unconventional events of the time. I look forward to getting in touch with those who make an effort to reach out.

Shit I guess you probably need my handle for twitter and tumblr to contact me? As of writing this, they are both ro_operated_bot My messages and DM's should be open? If not, an ask would be the best way to get my attention otherwise.

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O snAP
My heart
July 31st, 2018
When your bc is thoughtful of you even when y’all gettin it on
Oooo here comes more of the plot
This is fantastic and adorable and yes
That’s such a cute picture! Hope you are enjoying yourself!
Ooo dang son
I’m excited for August!
These dorks are gonna be the end of me
My, my,~
July 28th, 2018
A hot mess to be sure,
But at least he’s an adorable hot mess!
July 28th, 2018
Oof he’s a tmi tipsy ain’t ‘e?
Of course I had to catch up on the entire series at this exact page
O dang
July 28th, 2018
Thank you for letting us join in your journey
These two are so cute
@AdmiralBetas: I relate to this on a level I didn’t expect to
My heart can’t handle these feels
July 28th, 2018
O hun
July 28th, 2018
This is adorable