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@Ralend: Inconvenient, isn't it?
@M-24: I was going to include one of those nude Greek statues in the middle there too, lol.
That's kind of a sad way to go, for a warrior.

But still... \o/
I haven't watched many soap operas, but this is how I think an episode would go down with these two as the cast.
Not quite an AU this time... You'll see.
Second half will be up later tonight.
In spite of the broken bow, I'm still confident Ushala will kick her condescending ass. :-)
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May 25th, 2018
@hans7484: Thank you. :)
I'm actually pretty insecure about the story/art itself, so hearing anything positive about it makes me smile a lot. I'm on a bit of a break right now, but I'm definitely going to continue this comic.
@IronDog: I was concerned that this was only funny to me. Thanks for commenting. :)
@IronDog: I saw a goose fly overhead the other day. They're back, yet again.
Been sitting on this page for a few days now. I'm pretty sure I forgot something but I can't remember what. ._.

Oh well. I go outside now. Springtime weather is here.



Footnote on anachronistic money: I forgot plastic Canadian bills weren't a thing in 2010. It feels like they've been around forever now. :s
@Mccull61: Large sample size needed to ensure the first five cooked noodles weren't flukes.
@LR92: Top Chef loots something.
Loud guests. Spaghetti on the walls, floors, ceiling.
Naith is the housemate from hell.
@M-24: In case you need to pray in the middle of the night.
Kind of wish I made the walls orange for better contrast, but I didn't plan ahead. >_>
"Birthday Planner" is a tentative title; cannot come up with more creative/better name at this time.
@KryX: Based solely on the taste alone, definitely would not recommend.
@AdmiralBetas: Sounds like a recipe for first to second degree burns. o_o
@Ralend: Supposed to be spring onion, but yeah. :)
@kwippo: Hygiene! If you eat food off someone, better hope they're clean.