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@KryX: Based solely on the taste alone, definitely would not recommend.
@AdmiralBetas: Sounds like a recipe for first to second degree burns. o_o
@Ralend: Supposed to be spring onion, but yeah. :)
@kwippo: Hygiene! If you eat food off someone, better hope they're clean.
@PhoenixRenaissance: The idea was probably shot down. Probably.
The next best thing isn't very filling either.

(I guess he had time to fix his hair before getting real food? I kind of drew this before I finalized how the story will end).
@Follinette: No topping today, but the last panel kind of looks like they're doing it, if that's any consolation.
@count the stars: Not yet, but they'll get there. The forest scene occurred roughly mid June and now it's mid August for them. (The dates are kind of iffy... I tried to leave clues here and there based on seasons and calendars/posters in the background. >_>)
But anyway, since they've only been sexually active for two months or less, they haven't actually done much. That and they've been apart when the university summer term ended and Naith went on vacation for a while.
The second last panel here looks similar to the last panel on page 2 cause it was originally meant to come after it. I liked it too much to outright delete it, so it's been re-purposed.
Now you know he didn't sunbathe nude.
Wow, that's a lot of blood. o_o
@Auldr: It never ends.
@AdmiralBetas: lol, please don't.
I bring you flashbacks to scenes I never bothered drawing before, though you should be able to figure out a rough timeline of when they happened. I hope there aren't any continuity errors.

So the yellow speech box is Naith and the orange one is Tache. I intended to colour code them by hair colour, but black/brown didn't work out so well.

Edit: Recoloured; dicks are now more vibrant.
Works for me. :)
January 28th, 2018
@ninfragile19: Forget that. The other guy's being consumed by a sentient scarf.
@TallarĂ­n: And greetings from Southern Canada! I'm more or less directly north of you. I thought we'd be in the same time zone, but it's slightly off. Hm.

I might just keep posting comics here cause I'm lazy. :-)
I do have a side tumblr account where I post sketches and some comics (but not all of them)... That's about it for other social media accounts.
I'm so glad the majority of the people I know don't read this comic. =w=

Tried to make the poses look different than the time these two did it in the woods, but the panels still look similar. I guess I need a lot more practice drawing these types of scenes.
@Follinette: And thank you for sticking around. Your English seems fine to me!

Yeah, this really is quite different than what I usually post. Maybe it's not too late to stick a warning on it for lewd content, lol. As for the title, I was going to go with "Other Possibilities," but this one seemed more colorful. I just hope it's not misleading. :-s