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Master of Indecision [Rank 3]
Aw, these two. :-)
*Swish because it is named after the sound it makes.

+ Extra: Exile
@Auldr: It was based off my own drawer, from memory. I really did keep a scattered collection of irregularly shaped peanuts in there. Alas, all the junk accumulated over the years has since been sorted and organized.

I tried to add more variety in poses with the last two panels. I thought it looked weird, but it's nice to know someone thinks it isn't.
Anyone who hoards ikea pencils, plastic pizza tables, and acorns with a "this junk will come in useful one day" mentality probably has a junk drawer.
"Something for nothing" was a cheat code in the original Starcraft game.
+ EXTRA, in which we learn that Naith is a huge snoop.

(I drew the extra before I fully sketched out the story, so they are actually seated on the wrong sides of the table. I realized this after I pretty much finished colouring everything and now I'm too lazy to go back and redo the background. Pretend nothing is amiss, or that they arbitrarily decided to switch seats at some point in time.) :')
@mean_hamster: Hope you had a good one. It's over so fast.

-pulls out plastic tree for the next holiday-
@Ralend: Yeah, I wanted some continuity. :-)
He's eaten a lot of souls in his time.

I kind of enjoy drawing this AU/parallel universe story. Maybe I'll continue it next year.

Happy Halloween! <|:^D
The last page for the birthday comic will be postponed. I wasn't going to draw anything for Halloween this year, but I thought of a last minute story idea that continues where "Reunited at Last" left off. Couldn't miss the opportunity. Here is page one of two.

Will work on the next page when I can, but it should definitely be up by the 31st. <|:^)
@Follinette: Your comment made me smile. :-)
@Auldr: lol, perhaps.
I recoloured the hats on the previous page cause they weren't gaudy enough.
I forgot I was in the middle of slowly phase out Naith's tan. Whoops. >_>
October 11th, 2018
I was expecting "they were vegan."
I really like grey squirrels. Maybe it's cause the majority of the ones I see in Toronto are jet black.
She has problems. :-/

@PhoenixRenaissance: Thanks. :)

I actually had a busy intersection planned for the last panel, but I got lazy last minute and thought "let's just park a truck in front of the car."
Past, present, and future Tache likes hamburgers.
@Awestruck Ostrich: That's an idea. Pray he never opens his mouth.