Master of Indecision [Rank 3]
I loled hard. :-)
@LR92: For now, yes. The world outside with its sunshine and flowers is too enticing. I can't stay indoors to draw. +_+

(Realistically, I'd start up again when all the plant life starts dying off, when Autumn comes around... I am currently working on redrawing part 19 though. It tough.)
The second last panel is the face I make when I'm up playing computer games and discover it's 4am.
@Kecoleo: I'm the one who steals food. >_>
@Krondor2000: Yeah. Maybe I should've gone with green fire.
@Nanabozho: I didn't know other cultures ate seaweed. Gotta look up how they cook/process it. :o
While sketching out the fourth panel, I thought to myself "I should change this light-bulb to an LED to save on electricity." ._.
I like this picture. :>
According to Wikipedia, sushi is an acquired taste but my friend thinks it's just the nori seaweed portion that people don't like.

Thanks for all the comments. :>
Impact hit so hard, it's like Cupid fired the arrow from a ballista. :-)
New guy. I like him already. :>
...does he have an unfinished mermaid tattoo? :-)
March 24th, 2017
Man, it's like when you learn how to solve a math question the long way in grade 8, but then in grade 9 they teach you a super simple way of doing the same thing with less steps. Am loving Aiden's face in the last panel. :D
@Micahjjg: Ah, his parents are from Hong Kong, but he was born in Canada.
@Ralend: I actually have no idea. There're kind of short to be called chapters when some only consist of a single page. Shorts works. =o
So... To recap the order of events concerning Tache's living situation, Tache's grandmother died and left her apartment to her surviving family, then Tache eventually moves in after his parents immigrate back to their homeland for work. And now Tache's parents wish to reunite the family in Hong Kong.

Tache had wanted his family to be reunited as well, just not away from his own country of birth. At the same time though, Tache (though he may not be aware of it himself) longs for an abstract idea of family since he hasn't actually seen his own parents for a decade or more. Not sure how well I actually expressed all that with this one comic chapter or if I expressed it at all... Oh well. There it is.

Sorry it took a while to complete this. I went off-script and completely derailed everything. I left out the fact that his family actually could not afford to keep Tache's apartment in the family indefinitely, and they ultimately decided that the best thing to do was to sell it and have Tache move to Hong Kong. Selling the place so Tache has nowhere else to go but Hong Kong wasn't their actual intention. I am also not sure if omitting this information made any difference, plot-wise, in the long run.
@yasha.queen: What's best for a child doesn't always align with what a child wants, like when a baby refuses to take gross-as-hell cough syrup. I guess this wouldn't really apply in this situation given that the child is an adult, but his parents really do want the best for him by reuniting the family so they can all be together once more.
@M-24: His parents aren't that unreasonable. Fortunately. Two year's heads-up is a pretty good window of time.
Time to break out the concealer, lols.
I never have any idea what to ask in Q&As, so I'll have to pass, but I'm always interested in seeing questions, They fun.
Rhys is so precious. =w=