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@JMORK: Heh, hello again Jmork, or did you go by a different alias back then? I feel like you used another name, but my memory is pretty shoddy - sorry if I'm mistaken - it's been so long. :)

I do remember this comic though - I loved it very much. Last time I read this, Magda hadn't been introduced yet. I'm happy to see it back and updating again. I think everyone can relate to how you feel on some level - we all need some sort of cathartic release once in a while. I'll be on the lookout for that (eventual) happy ending you brought up. Right now though, ouch. Come back, Cecil. You will be avenged... successfully, I'm hoping. :(

Edit: I didn't quite realize this was a sad gay story. Sad, yes. Gay, no. May have missed something. o_o
Dear author, why are you so fantastically cruel to your characters? ;^;
*the 38 is the bus Tache takes on his commute, seen on page 1.

Thanks for the comments, guys! Sometimes I don't know how to respond to them, but just so you know, I do appreciate getting them very much. :-)
@Ralend: Hm. I suppose. :-) which Naith moves into a new room in residence and we get to see a bit more of his offscreen mom.
Heh, I was forced to read Gone with the Wind for an American Lit class once. The first few pages with the dudes talking with the girl were easy enough to understand -- after that, I'm as lost as you are, Jay. Can definitely relate.

It's also amusing to see he has an airhorn in his desk drawer among what looks like stationary/school supplies. One of these are not like the others.
@Follinette: I'm glad someone did. ^_^
- Tache loves Starcrab but really sucks at it.
- Naith learns how to play games very quickly.
- Nukes do terrible, terrible damage.
- Bird loves destroying bread.
@pechaberry: Maybe they'll just sparkle.
@Drew weis: Yep. I've always thought they had more in common with zombies than vampires, though.
@IronDog: Indeed. A bird with teeth is pretty spooky.
Ey cool. Just found this comic, am definitely in the mood for spoopiness right now.

Looking forward to seeing more! <|:^)
@Ilovelukey: lol, definitely an AU.
Happy Halloween! <|:^)
@Kecoleo: :)
Two page Halloween special. Will post second page tomorrow (cause I'm not finished yet). :p
Credit for bird picture goes to my boyfriend, who draws funny.

Will work on Halloween themed comic next. See you then.
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October 12th, 2017
@Follinette: No, just paranormal activity.
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October 10th, 2017
This was a really fun page.

The chapter title "Spectre" was intended to have a double meaning. In Cantonese and probably other Chinese dialects as well, white guys are referred to as gwai lo, which literally translates to "ghost man." I'll just leave this here as a footnote.

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October 1st, 2017
@Jazmin Zombie: Naith picks B, but fails.